Hey there, I’m Tracy Goodwin, and I’m the
red sweater lady, and today we’re going to talk about how to repair relationships. It’s
possible that you have already observed and realized that your relationship is possibly
dissolving. And obviously you have two choices. You can let it go, or you can try and fix
it. And that’s the real question, how do I repair this relationship?’ Well, there are
some actually some really great strategies that you can use in order to repair the relationship.
It’s not just so simple as, ‘Well, I’ll just try to change.’ That’s not what repairing
the relationship is about. It’s actually about forming a strategy, identifying problems.
Determining what those problems are. How do each of you feel about things? What is not
working? And discovering all of those things and putting them in concrete terms so that
you can then look at them and say Ok, now we’re going to formulate a plan. These things
are fixable, and this is what we’re going to try to do in order to fix them. So today,
I’m going to give you some really great pointers on how to repair, or at least make an attempt
to repair that relationship before you completely let it go.