Alright, we are ready to talk about solutions.
And at this point in the program, what you want to do is pose possible solutions. Now
you notice I stressed possible, because, you’re going to come up with some solutions, but,
it, don’t think in terms of well these are our solutions, and if these don’t work, then
the relationship is over. You may go through a number of solutions, before you find what
actually works, to repair the relationship. The first thing, we have to look at when posing
a solution, is think in terms of win-win strategies. You don’t want a win-lose strategy, that will
not repair the relationship. And what I’m talking about win-lose versus win-win. I get
everything I want, you get nothing. OK, this is what I want, this is the relationship that
I see and I’m going to get all of it. The other person loses. So, win-win starts to
become about compromise. These are the things that I really really want. This is what you
really really want, so I’m going to have to compromise a little, you’re going to have
to compromise a little, so that we can both win. And that’s what you’re going for as you
start to pose and create these solutions.