How to Recycle Refrigerator Magnets. Transform those outdated fridge magnets into
new ones. Inspired by an project: You will need Old, flexible refrigerator magnets
Photos, magazines, comic books, drawings, stickers, wallpaper, fabric Scissors, a razor,
or a utility knife and a glue stick, contact cement, or mod podge. Step 1. Collect flexible magnets from friends, relatives,
or local merchants who give them out as promotional items. Step 2. Gather materials for the new covers you’d
like to use—images from magazines and comic books; family photos; kids’ drawings; stickers;
or even cool wallpaper or fabric remnants. If you have an old pair of jeans, you can
cut out the back pocket to make a handy holder for notepaper or coupons. Step 3. Center the new image on the old magnet and
trace around it, leaving enough overlap to fold and paste the ends like a gift box so
there are no jagged edges. Step 4. Using scissors, a razor, or a utility knife,
trim the magnet to the size of the new one or ones you’d like to create. Just be careful you don’t cut yourself,
too! Step 5. Attach the new covers with a glue stick, contact
cement, or Mod Podge. If you’re using stickers, just slap them
on. Step 6. You can make a photo frame magnet by cutting
a window out of the center of a magnet large enough to frame the picture of your choice. Then cover the frame with fabric or wallpaper
remnants, taking care to paste any loose ends over the back edges of the frame, where they’ll
be hidden from view when on the fridge. Did you know Louise Greenfarb of Las Vegas
is the Guinness record holder for the biggest collection of refrigerator magnets, with 35,000.