The VTNE, which stands for Veterinary Technician
National Examination, is designed to test the knowledge and skills of veterinary technician
candidates. The VTNE is a three hour exam that holds 150 multiple choice questions,
as well as 20 pretest questions. The current fee for this test is 300 dollars, and is offered
three times a year. You will be tested over your knowledge in Pharmacy and Pharmacology;
Surgical Nursing; Dentistry; Laboratory Procedures; Animal Care and Nursing; Diagnostic Imaging;
Anesthesia; Emergency Medicine and Critical Care; and finally Pain Management. If you’d like to find out more, visit
for great VTNE study guides, flash cards, and practice tests. Also, check out
for free video tutorials. Both of these links are available in the description below, or
you can simply google “mometrix.” Thank you, and good luck on your VTNE.