Hi my name is Bill and today i am going to
show you how to level your appliance this is especially important with washer and dryer
because if your appliance is not level you can get a lot of shaking causing a lot of
noise and we just don’t want that. For this repair, all you’ll need is a 9/16th
wrench, warning before doing any repair just please disconnect your power source this is
our dryer model, it’s a Kenmore now keep in mind that ours might be a little different
than what you got at home but the same technique should still apply. So the easiest way to get to our pedestal
feel is going to be to move our dryer out of the wall a bit and once you got it up far
enough you can tip it over nice and carefully and set it down gently. Alright so these are the feet of our appliance
here, one on each corner it is really easy to loosen and tighten them like this because
there is nothing stopping them like the floor. All you have to do is spin it and it spins
pretty easy like this however when we stand it up it may not be perfectly leveled because
your floor may not be leveled and so that why the feet are adjustable so that we can
level everything out and stop the machine from shaking when it is running. So now we got this stood back up again and
you can see it is a bit wobbly so what we can do here is push it up little bit since
its resting more on that side now you can see that is little bit more easier to spin
that down. so if you want to get your appliance more
stable it is pretty stable right now it doesn’t seem like it will go anywhere but they have
uh either you can get yourself a level and you can put that on their and see how level
the appliance is or you can go in and download an app just like that i got right here and
it will show you with the bubbles just like a real level and it will tell you exactly
what you have to do to make it perfect so as you can see here there is a .04 x axis
and a .6 axis on the y=axis so it is not complete perfect so that means if we adjust the feet
a little bit we can get it more leveled than it is already so now if we want to adjust
these feet any more there is not any way to do it by hand so i grabbed a 9-16th wrench
and there is a little nut right on this foot and we are just going to turn that clock wise
which will bring the foot down a little bit and then we can check out level again. and as you can see here which is just a couple
of adjustments it is on 0 at both axis which means it should be completely leveled. If you need to replace any part for your appliance
you can find an OEM replacement part on our website, PCappliancerepair.com thanks for
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