presents the iPhone 6S battery replacement video please read the following warning before
attempting this repair you are doing this repair at your own risk using a pentalobe
screwdriver from remove the two bottom pentalobe srews using a case opener tool and a suction
cup left gently up the screen and run the case opener tool around the edges to
separate the adhesive with the adhesive separated use the
suction cup to pull the screen up gently do not pull all the way out as there are cables attached keep the screen at a 90 degree angle as you might rip the cables if you go too far using a double zero Phillips screwdriver
remove the two screws on the shield that’s covering the battery connector you can now remove the battery shield
cover using plastic pry tool lift the battery
cable up from the connector there are two adhesive pull tabs you are going to need to lift up and towards the back of the phone once you have the pull tabs up pull them back towards the back bottom of the phone you should come right out if there is still adhesive you might need to use a plastic spudger to pull the battery up don’t worry you’re replacing the
battery anyways once you have this spudger all the way
underneath you can pry the battery up using the leftover adhesive or install
some double sided tape go ahead and set the battery in place you are now going to reconnect the connecting cable to the connector for the battery back to the shield and go ahead and screw in the two screws you may now bring the screen down and start the
process of getting the screen back into the frame of the case with the screen all the way in you can
now insert the two pentalobe screws go ahead and turn on the phone and check to
make sure your new batteries working and you’re all set to go for all parts and accessory needs please
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