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for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Don from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video we’re going to show you how
to replace a front window regulator on this 2004 Volkswagen Jetta and we show you on the
driver side, but the passenger side is similar in procedure. The items you need is a new window regulator
from, flat blade screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, T20 and T30 Torx bits and ratchet,
10mm socket, pliers, drill with 5/16 inch drill bit, rivet gun and rivets and some electrical
tape. Start off by prying off this panel inside
your pull handle. Now lift your switch panel up and out and
just push the tab on this harness and disconnect it and then using a Phillips screwdriver you
want to remove these three Phillips screws. We’ll just fast forward as Don removes those
and at the bottom of your door panel you want to remove these three T20 Torx bolts and we’ll
fast forward as Don removes those. Then just remove this Phillips screw up here
in the top corner of your door panel. Reach in behind the door panel and just pull
out, release the clips then lift it up in out of the window and over the lock .Then,
you want to pull back on this clip and lift the hook up and out of the door handle. Push the tab on this harness and release it
and the same for this, push the tabs on either side of this harness and pull it free and
then just push the tabs on the rest of these harnesses and pull them free and now your door panel is free. Pull these harnesses from this bracket and
you just push the tabs on either side and pull the harnesses free and do the same thing
for the speaker harness and for this harness you want to just pry down the bottom. Once you pry down hard enough the harness
will pop free and you just pull it off. Then, pull the harness from these tabs on
the door and you could just pull these clips right out of the door but they typically break
so we recommend doing it this way and just pulling the harness from them. Now, just pull this gasket out. Flip down these two rubber covers and now
remove these three T30 bolts and we’ll just fast forward as Don does this. Now, the motor will just pull free. Now the motor is removed you can lift the
window up by hand and you want to just lift it up until you can see these clamps on the
window right here and then you want to remove those two T20 bolts. Now separate those clamps from the window
and pull the window up and now you want to remove the series of 10
mm bolts lining the window regulator. Now, we’ll just fast forward as Don removes
these. Using a flat blade screwdriver push the four
tabs on this clip and push it through the panel. Now, you want to lift the panel up and slide
it to the outside of the vehicle and then down. Now, push the door handle cable through the
panel and then push this tab on the side here up and over the edge of the door and angle
the door panel down, pull he regulator out and then lift it up and over the lock rod
pushing this gasket through. Now, just release this harness by pushing
on the tab and pulling it free. Next, remove these two rubber caps
and using a pair of pliers just pinch the sides of these clips and just pull them free. We’ll fast forward as Don does the rest of
these. Next you want to drill out these four rivets
that hold in your speaker and we’ll just fast forward as Don does this
and it helps to remove that top cover when you do this. Ppry the speaker free. On the left is the old window regulator; on
the right is the new one from 1A Auto. You can see they’re identical and they’re
going to fit exactly the same. Reattach the speaker, lie it up and make sure
that you have the connector for the harness facing up and we’re using rivets to rivet
it up together. You can do it this way or some appropriate
size coarse thread or sheet metal bolts will work to attach it as well. If you removed it replace the top part of
the speaker and then replace those harness clips. Then remove the packing wire tie and then
push these rubber caps into your new window regulator. Pull this harness back through your regulator
panel, pulling that gasket into place. Reclip the harness to the panel and then reconnect
the harness. Push the door handle cable back through the
panel and then put it up over the lock rod and over
the gasket, tuck the regulator back up into the door, making sure your harnesses aren’t
going to get pinched behind it and then push it back up into place. You do want to make sure that you pull your
door handle cable gasket back through the panel. Now do the same thing with your lock rod gasket
and pull it back up through and into the panel and then put this insulation back down over
your lock rod, if it fell off, and replace those 10mm bolts. We’ll just fast forward as Don does this. Now, you want to loosen up these 10mm bolts
on your new window clamps and then you want to make sure that those clamps separate and
then slide your window down into place and once it’s securely in the clamps just tighten
up those bolts. Push those rubber caps back into place and
replace your motor and replace those three T30 bolts. Now, reconnect your harnesses
and with your motor harness make sure that you push that tab back up to lock it. Now if you pull these clips out with the harness
then you can just push the clips back in. If you pulled the harness from the clips then
you just want to retape them to those clips with some electrical tape. Now to reinstall your door panel, you just
want to reconnect these harnesses and then take your door handle rod and you
want to hook it back into the door handle and then slide that clip back into the door
handle. Now, put the panel up over the lock rod and
then down into the window sill. Make sure you pull your harness for your switch
back up through and then line up the clips and hit them back into the door. Now, we’ll fast forward as Don replaces and
tightens up those three Phillips screws. Then, replace those three T20s and replace
that Phillips screw up in the top corner and tighten it up. Now reconnect your switch panel and then just
push the panel down into place and then line up this panel and push it firmly into place
and you’re all set. We hope this video helps you out. Brought to you by, your source
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