HI, it’s Kamil here. In this video I will tell you how to quickly get rid of your headache. Okay, this is something I learned recently and this method works. it’s especially useful with mild headaches. With a very strong headache I don’t know – I haven’t tested it a lot but it definitely works. okay so what I’m going to do, I’m going to ask you a few questions and I will ask you those questions a few times. Every time I ask you the question, I really want you to have a look and answer the question. okay? Do not, you know, do not go like “what kind of question is it”? Just look, you know, have a look and answer the question, okay? Are you ready? okay, so the first question is “Where is your headache?” “What color is it”? “What shape is it”? So I hope you answered those questions, so for example “It’s somewhere here, it may be black and it’s, like, rounded”, yeah? ok, so again “Where is your headache”? “What shape is it”? “What color is your headache? okay, great, so where is your headache now? and what shape is it? What color is it? okay, where is your headache now? What shape is it? What color is it? Where is your headache now? By now it should have been gone. I believe now you don’t have your headache anymore. okay, I hope you found it very useful. “Don’t worry if it didn’t work for you, don’t worry. just do it again. you might need to watch the video a few times and then repeat those, the answering of the questions a few times. it will be gone, yeah. in most cases it works. okay so share this video with other people and I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you 🙂