In this episode we talk about how to improve
your engineering success by hanging out with winners!!! What’s up everyone this is Jake Voorhees and
you’re watching episode 022 of The 1% Engineer Show. Since we just did a show about how to study
with A-listers this show is going to encourage you to hang out with those people more so
that you surround yourself with a better environment and encourages everyone’s chances for success. And definitely you. So yes we heard this before the apple doesn’t
fall far from the tree line, but is it actually true? I’m going to tell you that absolutely is. Jim Rohn, and you can look him up he’s a famous
business guy, is notorious for saying this. “You are the average of the five people that
you spend the most time with” and now you see why your parents didn’t want you hanging
out with go to college. Because they want you to be a 1% Engineer
and you can’t do that if you don’t go to college and if you don’t hang out with people who
are doing that early on in life then your chances of just being some high school dropout
some college dropout are way better. And the same thing applies all throughout
your life if you surround yourself with losers you’re probably going to lose if you surround
yourself with winners you’re probably going to win. That’s rocket ships launching rocket rocket
rocket. So it turns out your parents were right! Weird. Just think about how many micro-decisions
and micro-environmental factors impact you everyday. Things that are absorbed into your brain things
that you don’t even think about but they influence your thinking they influence your subconscious
the influence your decisions your behaviors. And of you are around people who have more
of an emphasis on studying and I’m more serious about classes and more serious about the future
of their careers, relationship, with professors and they actually want to do well in every
homework assignment, they want to do well in every exam, they want to put in that extra
time, they want to stay after class, they want to go to office hours, they really want
to build and garner relationship with that professor. And when you’re around these people, think
about how that positively impacts your ability to passively do all the same stuff yourself,
and you’re going to be an a-lister just by being around these people. And that’s the point of Jim Rohn’s Theory,
that’s the point of this show, to encourage you not just to study with these A-listers,
study with these superstar stand out 1% Engineers, but for you to hang out with them as much
as possible so you can have the highest chances of success yourself. That’s the point of the average 5 type of
thinking that you’re the average of these five people who are “Knights of the Round
Table” and you want to be a superstar yourself. So hang out with them more. So again these are the kids you want to be
around people who are going to encourage you to skip class who are going to sit in the
back not listen, might be on their phones, they’re never going to go to office hours
they might study a little bit less they might not too that last homework assignment they
might choose to go out on that Tuesday Wednesday night when you guys all know there’s plenty
of keggers Thursday Friday Saturday if you have class early on Friday maybe you could
just go to that party for a couple hours and not all night but you want to be hanging out
with these kids who are going to be more serious about school more serious about the curriculum
and want to prevail want to succeed. So I’ll refer to Episode 021 in conjunction
to this episode figure out who these ballers are in your classes do homework with them
hang out with them more, jus tbe around them more, and you guys will all win together. And just by being around them, not to mention
studying with them, and doing homework assignments with them but you will dramatically increase
your grades you wouldn’t crease your attitude on success you will increase your relationships
with the professors because they will see all these a-lister’s all these 1% Engineers
being together. You will increase of the positivity of your
overall outlook on your career in your future so hang out with these people find these people
and spend time with them. Increase the value of these average five people
that you spend all your time with because that will allow you to win. So keep being awesome , find other people
who are being awesome, and together be superstar 1% Engineers. Hit that subscribe button guys so you don’t
miss out on another episode. Thanks for watching The 1% Engineer Show guys
and stay hungry on your quest to become a 1% Engineer.