I want your advice on how to fix a Zenith
dehumidifier. Verify that it is turned on and that the outlet
is working. I know it is broken because it is working,
but not working right. Verify that the cord has not been chewed through
by rats or that the plug has not corroded. After all, you’ve probably got it in a cold,
dark basement. The cord is fine, and it is not on and off
or smelling like the electrical components are burned out. The basement just smells damp
and moldy. See if the dehumidifier has frozen. Like the motor seized up? That could cause problems, like some dust
bunnies are hibernating in and around the fan, but I mean ice forming on the coils.
If it has, it is not going to do a good job taking water out of the air because the ice
acts as insulation. I never thought I’d need to thaw out my
dehumidifier. Check the water container, too. If the water
bucket is full, it should turn off. The water bucket is not full – I checked. You could also check the float switch for
the Zenith dehumidifier. If that is broken, the unit will shut off thinking it is full
when it is not. I suppose that’s like replacing the copper
thingy in the thermostat that throws off the house temperature if it starts to bend the
wrong way. You could also check that the bucket is pushing
against the bucket switch, since the unit will turn off if it does not sense the bucket
right there, even if you can see it right there. How can I tell what is causing it? Push your finger against the bucket switch
and make sure the float switch is low, and if it still errors out, you know the sensor
needs to be replaced. I have no idea what to do if the switch is
broken. Switches are less than twenty bucks and available
at a number of HVAC and appliance repair stores. This is not like ordering a replacement condenser
for the air conditioner. A dehumidifier is in essence a smaller air
conditioner, though it is actually designed to sweat away the humidity and collect it. If the unit has been knocking and bubbling
in the condenser, I’d say it has a refrigerant leak. You’d have to ask an HVAC person to
refill refrigerant in that case, because no one else is allowed to buy refrigerant anymore. What else could be the problem? If you’ve got mold or dirt clogging the
air filters, washing it in bleach water improves its air flow and performance for little money
and effort. Cleaning the coils is more effort but could solve the problem, too. That’s the last thing I’d have thought
of cleaning in the basement.