Okay, got a refrigerator here that’s not closing
up properly. I’m going to open it and then close it and you can see
I can really push it and make it go but I got to really push it. The way to
fix this particular one is with some washers. Going to be adding some washers
to the right hand side, over here and get this going. So, what we’ve got
to do is move the two bolts. We may have to remove the top freezer and go
all the way down from there. I’ll try doing it just from the bottom. If there’s
not too much stuff on the door. There’s a little bit, but I can probably
prop it up with my box here. That way we don’t want to put too much pressure
on the hinge as I loosen the deals here. All right looks like a ten millimeter will
work just fine. This one. Okay and for propping up the box here. Just going
to stick this under there along with my rag. And that way we don’t put
too much pressure on this without the hinge in place. This way I won’t
have to take off the whole top portion. I can just leave
the door in place. Otherwise I’d take off the freezer door and take off
the fridge door and then do it that way. And I’m just going to give a little pressure
on the door to make sure it doesn’t fall off on me. There we go. Now I’ll
just lean that on the door, pop the hinge down, add my spacers right here.
Hopefully. It’s got a couple of spacers here. Darn it. Would be better
if these would seat down further. Shoot. I may wind up having to split them.
Nope. Split one there. What I’ll do is I’ll put them in between, in between
this one here since I split it. Give it a little bit more body. Guess I’m
actually going to take both of these off. There we go. That way this rotates on that one. And probably
going to have to split this one too. Okay. There we go. And that should
give us enough space. Lift the hinge up and anyway it’s going to put too
much pressure on this portion because it will squash out the pressure between
the different washers. In theory anyway. Okay. Now ready to put it back
on. And they have to lift that up a little bit. There it is. Get that
right down in place, my ratchet to forward. Okay. Okay. We’re in. I will test
it out. Pull my box back out. And we’ll give it a shot. See how it goes.
Beautiful. Closing exactly how it should now.