I need to know how to fix 9E error on a Samsung
dishwasher. 9E is the error code for a low water level. That doesn’t tell me what I need to do to
fix it. One suggestion for this is to check for a
bunch of cups and bowls in the dishwasher that are catching the water, so they are in
the dishes instead of where the water level indicator expects it. That only adds water to the bottom of the
basin. Yes, but once there’s more water there,
try to restart the cycle and see if that works. I can try it, but I don’t think that’s
the cause. You should also check to see if the dishwasher
isn’t level. A tilted dishwasher can cause it to have too much water on one side but
not all of it. It isn’t like we’re shifting the dishwasher
around like oven racks. There are dishwasher flood indicator errors
that are frequently fixed by tilting the dishwasher 45 degrees and back. Don’t put it all the
way back and you get an unbalanced machine. I can’t tip the thing where it is located
under the counter. The low water level error 9E could come from
a severe water leak. That’d be obvious if there was a puddle
on the floor. It could be under the dishwasher and you just
don’t see it. I would the moment I take the bottom off the
dishwasher. Assuming the leak isn’t into the area under
the sink, like the water hoses. The leak could be on the water inlet side. Sure, but then you just have a different place
to look for the leak. I can look, but I’m really hoping it isn’t
somewhere I can’t get to easily. In theory, a water leak could be into the
door, rusting the frame and turning the surrounding insulation into a mold farm. Then I’d have dishes that smell like a bag
of dirty laundry after I washed them. Fortunately, I don’t. You could still have an off level dishwasher,
and that could be due to feet on the bottom you need to adjust. I didn’t have an uneven floor to begin with
to need feet like that. You may have problems with the water inlet
valve being stuck shut. Then I’d have no water at all, and it would
tell me so. A really bad build up of calcium and hard
water stains could interfere with the water flow. I’d have had to up the level of rinse agent
long before now if that was the case. The water level sensor could need to be cleaned. I’ve heard of having to clean the temperature
sensor and turbidity sensor. The water level sensor might need to be replaced
too. It seems odd that it has such a sudden failure. The other possibility is that it was trying
to fill at exactly the moment the water pressure dropped too low for it to fill. We aren’t adjusting the water pressure we
do with the thermostat. No, but if you flushed all the toilets the
moment it tried to fill, it doesn’t get enough water pressure and can’t fill. In that case, power cycling the dishwasher
or trying to run the cycle again is enough, since half time is over.