hi I’m Craig Phillips and today I’m going to show you how to dismantle palace safety ready for DIY project thousands of powerful being wasted every day in the country why don’t you wish I’ll and put them to good use of tenements the things you can use indoors and outside the house to you’re going to need the hammock of both step private wreckin bar crowbar to gloat and of course safety specs folks power to look the same and i put together quite similarly about what we want to do is managed to salvage as many as flat as possible to start building our items where the nails are here you want to start to try and make them Lucia if possible we stopped talking about both the problem into one end here and then of course the hammock that we get a little pop it and you can see we’re starting to get underneath that area that one common solution Center move on to the center on excellent and then the one on the back but we’ve got big enough gap and allow us to get our pride bars underneath the stars just simply lift them out there we go to take one of the amount you’ll see the nails popping through the shot we want to take them out before we start to stack them now quite often you might damage the edge of the wood when you trying to pull the nails out and yet slipped in here don’t worry about it you still can use the centerpieces in here to simply call those off always have you taken their slack off if you do have any nails poppin off take them up straight away before you lean on the now the slats are often quite similar fact what politics you have been squared the box-shaped the gap between for the forklift can get underneath them easy usually about three inches square you cannot beget a length 32 as well always important to dl everything would be taken apart now that’s all your palate will prepare you ready to start doing DIY projects