Hi there, guys, Welcome back to another video,
today we gonna be show you something useful if you are a PC hardware enthusiast like me!
We all know we can get comparisons between two different pc hardware by just googling
it, it might be an article, video or someones personalized experience. But this time I can
really show you something other than that. Something like a top to bottom comparison
between the specs of two different pc hardware component, for example, a CPU. I will show
you the demonstration. in couple of seconds. You may hear about it, it’s a website called “game
debate”. Links are available in the video description, so feel free to check out!
Once you are on the site, go to the “hardware” drop down menu, and you will see a whole bunch
of sub categories which will take you to your preferred comparison genres, like we can compare
here, between CPUs, GPUs, Motherboards, Power supplies, Hard drives, cases and so on, and
it has even special features like the options to compaire a laptop cpu with a desktop class
cpu or viseversa, there are many more interesting thing to talk about, if I start to keep on
talking just about the features, it would be a very long video, so let’s stop it here
and continue what we came here for. Today we are comparing my old laptop CPU with my
New Desktop CPU, to show you how things work here. I have just finished the build earlier
this week, I didn’t get a chance to take a proper test between them, so I’m using
this chance to figure out how far I’m standing from my old CPU in terms of specs. So let’s
choose the “CPU Laptop” or “CPU Desktop” options, either way, we can add the other
one for comparison. Now I’m going to choose my old laptop CPU Which is the “Intel Core i7-4510U”
from here, now it will redirect us to a new page which will only show you the spec sheet
of the current CPU. Which is the ‘Intel’ one! Now scroll all the way down to here and choose the manufacturer of
the other CPU, Choose between laptop or desktop, which mean the to choose component type you are
trying to add for this comparison is either made for a laptop or a desktop form factor.
And at last choose the processor itself, which you want to compare against the other one.
it is a desktop class AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, in my case it is one of the high-end of the Ryzen lineup. So let’s
choose “Ryzen 7 first generation” Now choose the sub model as, Ryzen R7 1800X.
Now click one the link which says “ Click this link to compare the Ryzen r7 1800X to the
Core i7-4510U. And that it, Now it will take you to a page where you can see the in-depth
comparison between those two CPU’s. The comparison is only depending on the spec sheet
of each hardware, and some graphs and that what we came here for. As you can see It will
show you the comparison in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Considering this
CPU comparison the we are running. It will show you, things like CPU architecture, CPU Socket type, CPU form
factor, release date, CPU link, CPU Core cunt, threads cunt, clock speed, turbo frequency,
Max TDP, Lithography or size of the unit, Bit width, Max temperature, virtualization,
L1 cache, L2 Cache, L3 Cache, Max Memory Size, Memory Channels, ECC Memory Support, overall
comparison in graph and lastly we can see some main review of each hardware components
separately, as well as above all of that, You will see the things like hardware Ranks,
and how much percentage better is one component to another. So take my word this would be
a very useful way to satisfy your self if you are curious about PC hardware like me.
So keep an eye on it, maybe bookmark it!, and for your information, this video is not sponsored
game debate! Thank you all for watching.😍 catch you on next one! 😊