Hello guys! What’s up? Welcome to Computer Repair. I come back with another tech video. In this video I’m going to show you How to check hardware & software issue in windows pc without any software. It’s very easy to do that. Just follow my instruction, check your hardware and software issues at your windows pc. so, Let’s take a look. At first open your run software by pressing windows+R keys here type perfmon /report and it’s start to collecting your data This may take a minute to complete. After complete to scan your report It’ll show your pc hardware and software issues and you can find all kind of information about your hardware and software issues at your pc. That’s it. you can check your hardware & software issues problem to a different way. to do that. go to your start up menu and search here MEMORY and open windows memory diagnostic and click on restart now and check for problems It’ll restart your pc and then check your all kind of hardware & software problem at your desire pc. That’s it. By following two method, you can easily find out hardware and software issues problem to your pc or laptop. That’s it. Thank you for watching this video. My name is SALIM KHAN. You’re watching Computer Repair. If you like this video, please put a thumps up and appreciate it. just so the YouTube algorithm knows that you actually like this video. and if you’ve any question, Fulfill to post them in comment section below. Thank you….