Hello. This is Oscar Moreno with Moreno Custom
Home Visions, and today we’re going to teach you guys how to repair your wooden fence.
Now, basic tools that you’re going to need, real simple, is a crowbar, this will help
out instead of the little stuff. Also you’re going to need, is, a hammer, and your, either
a regular drill, or cordless drill. And, of course, supplies is some screws, to hold your
pickets up against the fence again. So, first thing we’re going to do is use our crowbar
to get in to the areas where we want to get in here. So we’re going to jab our crowbar
in here, and remove the fence pickets. If, in fact, that when you remove the fence pickets
there’s still nails left over, and they’re pretty rusted, which is going to be very common,
don’t try to pull ’em out, ’cause it’s just going to waste your time. Go ahead and use
your hammer, hammer them back into place. It’ll be fine. No big deal. Also, you might
find when you’re replacing these guys, is you’re going to find that there’s extra screws
in there. So, you’ll use your drill to go ahead and take those out. Once you go ahead
and remove the pieces that you want to replace, and your surface is ready, go ahead and apply
or install your new fence pickets, in place, screw ’em back into place, making sure that
you’re screws that you’re using are for exterior use. Once your screws are in place and your
pickets are installed, you’re pretty much done. And that’s how you repair your wooden