hey there, my name’s Jas, gamer tag Fizzi this video is designed to be a reveal and proof of concept for a project I’ve been working on the name of the project is hardware enhanced Melee the goal of the project is to enable some functionality in Melee previously impossible via introducing new hardware that can be interfaced with by hacking the game doing this enables a whole slew of functionallity but let me start by showing you just a small sliver of what is possible so i’m just gonna show you a little demo that I worked for I started from homebrew channel so you can see I am, in fact, on a console and I’m gonna load this version of melee which actually has a few DOL modifications so it’s a hacked version of Melee that basically supports the hardware that I’ve created that I’ll show a little bit later so on the left side of the screen you can see the Arduino output currently the Arduino output is connected directly to the PC and all the information is gonna be displayed there so I’m gonna get in a game and you should see stuff show up on the left side of your screen so alright I’m gonna do the classic 4 stocks – I’ll put a timer as well and then I’m gonna fight the almighty level 1 Ganon good he hit me so when he dies you’re gonna notice something on the screen as soon as he died the hardware detected that somebody died it then wrote down how many seconds since the game started from when that person dies as well as the amount of stocks left the percentage both characters are at and the last move both characters connected with as you can see, player 1’s last move was knee lets kill with something else this time back air player 1 last move connected baaiir also I’m not really keeping track of what percentage I’m killing him at but it should be right actually that’s good give myself a death so you can see my stock count also went down so that’s that got a small demo with information being extracted out of the game as players die the events can be hooked up wherever right now the only event I have hooked up is on death and it spits out the information that you see in front of you so I’m gonna do my best to try to show the hardware really quickly so I’m gonna move the camera over and what you’ll see is you’re gonna see something that looks like a memory card in there that’s actually sort of like a breakout so all of the wires that usually get released from the memory card are then plugged into this breadboard then over here we have a real memory card so this is actually what’s inside your memory cards as well as an FPGA board which is this one and an Arduino Due this isn’t the required hardware necesariilly it’s just the first version I’m gonna experiment with some other stuff but right now that’s what’s running that demo so I wanted to make a section just to outline at least the possibilities that I’ve thought of and that other people have helped me think of so far with this project I have them on screen below me so one of the big items is statistics that’s kind of what you just saw on the demo I can extract information out of the game at any point in time really I could extract information every frame so that’s what the first item is for positional information we can extract where the characters are and from there we can extract things like percentage of time player 1 controlled the center who controls the center more? that would be an interesting thing to know and then relate that to who wins and so on and see if it really does relate you know uh death percentages maybe you know mango kills earlier than other foxes or something along those lines kill move logging so obviously what do people kill with? like how many times does n0ne kill with knee versus s2j kill direction logging do you kill over the top? or to the sides? combo counters APM, early input count so early input would be like if somebody messes up so maybe you could track people’s mistakes combo counter is an interesting one not necessarily for itself but it brings up the discussion that we would be able to keep track of sort of, records, you know what’s the longest combo ever hit on stream? you know this relates to all the information we could log so let’s move on to the next section streams one of the big things is live controller displays so we can extract controller information out of the console it can be displayed on screen and you could see people’s controllers while they play which would be pretty sweet for a stream we could auto-update set scores maybe even names and other things statistic-informed commentary yeah this is a bit of an open ended one but it it relates to the statistics section in that commentators would be armed with this statistical information that they could throw out especially when there’s down time and stuff and it would make the streams a lot more entertaining the last one is tournament organization this includes things like auto-match reporting so you know the game could potentially keep track of when matches are happening and then push the data out to some server or something the server might also know, you know what station that source device is and then it would automatically say this station is now free and um that kind of thing that kind of leads into the next section I also added a thing here for anti-friendly protection when a station is assigned a match so like, if you assigned a match to station 23 or whatever the device at station 23 could detect from the internet that that station’s been assigned and lock the set up down so that no friendlies can be played from there it would have to be unlocked via some means and that’s to be discussed in the future but it could be something like an RFID card that the player scans and it knows what players are supposed to be on that set up so it unlocks it for them and they can play their match and I’m sure there’s a whole loads of things I haven’t thought about so I encourage anyone to, you know, think of things and maybe throw out ideas and so on you know hopefully this project gets people excited that’s what I’m hoping for with this release I think I’ve showed everything I wanted to and thanks for watching!