Me? Yeah go ahead sure. Happy to be Here is
first and foremost for us. We create music for each other as a kind of therapy
I guess. We just like to be able to create the sounds that we’ve always kind
of dreamed of making in that we hear in other groups. Happy to be here is
very emotional it’s poetic it is musical and is thought-out and
it’s for us but it’s for anyone else that feels a connection to it also. I’d
say our goals are, like Collin said, happy to be here as therapy our goal here is
to keep ourselves feeling the best is the most important I think My ultimate goal is to release an Album with this band. I love playing the shows and things like that, able to like have this piece that we all
just like created and just have it there friend that very first night we won’t cherry
tree and we like sitting in our room I what just happened and then we’re like
we need to think of like a band and band name like we thought I don’t know we’re
we’re basic weirdos so we’re just like tossing all I just don’t know stupid
thing and then we’re just like just both grinning the whole time or just like
we’re just happy to be here you know and yeah our chemistry the way we kind of
just like work together and we just kind of not have to care about anything when
we’re together it doesn’t know like set standard of things you need to do or
anything like that which is kind of in the space with each other yeah get to a better creative goal we find a
better answer between the three of us I don’t feel like any one of us dominates
what’s happening either not just something I’m really into right yeah
it’s none of us let any of each other dominate it no if you like yes it’s it’s
the most unique form of communication I’ve ever been a part of