– Appetizing. Do you want some?
– They take that cheese up into the movie theater.
– You want to share this? You wanna share it? – No. That is nasty.
– Does this look appetizing? I’m still gonna eat it.
– My fork is not gonna even– ah! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) I don’t know
if you’ve seen this, but there have been some maps
that have been circulated around the internet
that have shown each state in the United States
as their favorite movie theater snack. – I have not.
– (FBE) Do you have any guesses as to what California’s
snack might be? – I feel like it’s gonna be something
like Red Vines maybe? It’s weirdly specific.
– Nachos or something really obscure? – I was gonna say something awful.
– Is weed a snack? – (chuckles) I was gonna say.
– (FBE) It’s Dots. – Oh. Oh! I remember now, yeah.
– Oh. Yeah, that actually makes sense. – Excuse me?
– Ew! No! – Excuse me?
– The only person I know that eats Dots is my dad.
– (FBE) Today, we’re going to give you a series
of popular movie snacks, the first from a state,
and you will have to guess where it’s from.
– Ah. – Okay.
– Interesting. I don’t even eat movie snacks, ’cause then
I need to take a drink, and then I need to pee,
and then I miss the movie. – (FBE) Let’s bring out
the first movie theater snack. – Y’all some–
– No! – No.
– Like, movie theater?! This is not–
Do you all… – Do they melt that cheese
over the nachos? – (FBE) Nope.
– No?! – They bring this,
slices of cheese to the movie theater as a snack?
– No, they don’t. (laughs) No, they don’t.
– I [bleep] with cheese heavy. I know dairy’s
under attack these days. – Well, I mean, there are
plenty of reasons it’s under attack. – Yeah, it’s under attack,
but you can’t front that cheese is not a snack.
– We’re not doing this. Is that American cheese?
– It’s literal slices of cheese. Wait. Wisconsin?
– I-I– – (FBE) Is that
your final answer? – Yeah.
– (FBE) Yes. You are correct. – Ha!
– I [bleep] love it. – (FBE) So, here is the first
most popular movie theater snack. This one is from a state.
– Damn you, Wisconsin. – It has to be Wisconsin.
– (FBE) You are both correct. – There we go. There we go.
– I’m gonna call Wisconsin. They’re cheeseheads, right?
– But knowing Wisconsin, I feel like they’re gonna
have more respect for their cheese than plastic slice Kraft singles.
– The cheese curds. No, no, you know
who would [bleep] eat this [bleep]? Florida.
– (both laugh) – Florida man brings
Kraft singles into theater I’m gonna say Michigan, just ’cause.
– I’ma go with Florida. I’ma say Wisconsin
has some more respect. – (FBE) You’re both wrong.
It is Wisconsin. – Oh, [bleep]!
He was right! He was right on his first guess! Oh my god!
– I mean… – We might have to pray
for this state when we find out who it is.
– You know what? – They need some intervention.
– Take a wild guess. It might be Wisconsin.
– No. They wouldn’t. Indiana. I’m saying Indiana.
– (FBE) It is Wisconsin. – (gasps)
– (FBE laughs) – Are you serious?!
– (FBE) Yes. – Do they hate themselves?!
Appetizing. Do you want some?
– They take that cheese up into the movie theater.
– You want to share this? You wanna share it? – No. That is nasty.
– Does this look appetizing? I’m still gonna eat it.
– My fork is not gonna even– ah! – (FBE) These are samosas.
– (gasps) That sounds delicious. We can try it? – Mm. It’s good,
but it’s still not candy. – I’m moving to where
they have this for snacks. – Oh, I love samosas. I love samosas.
– I don’t think I’ve actually had a legitimate samosa. I’m gonna be honest.
– They’re good. They’re so good. – Her face told it all. I was gonna try it, but I’m not gonna.
– I’m not sure if I like it or don’t. – I definitely don’t wanna guess and–
– That’s for sure potato. I don’t know. Ireland?
– Is that international? Idaho. (laughs) – (FBE) These are actually
very popular in India. – Oh!
– Oh, I could see that. – I have two guesses.
I wanna say India or Thailand? Yeah, I’m gonna with India.
– Yeah, I’ll say India. – (FBE) That is correct.
This is India. – Yes!
– Wow! – (FBE) And since you both guessed it,
you both got it. – All right. Two points
and some snacks. – I’m going to India,
watching some Bollywood movies. – Thailand.
– I think I have an idea. – Where do samosas come from?
I don’t even know. – (FBE) What’s your guess, Faith?
– The Philippines. – I don’t see it
as movie theater food. I’m trying to be able to eat it
one-handed while I sip on an Icee or something.
This was a little bit messier than I thought it would be.
– They’re from a lot of places. – That’s what I was about to say.
They come from so many different places.
– Yeah. India probably the most. India’s pretty big on them.
– I’m gonna say Ecuador. He knows. I don’t know stuff.
– It’s pretty good, right? – That’s pretty bomb, no.
– I’m Pakistani, but we eat them all the time too. It’s that whole
South Asian subcontinent. And they’re dangerous,
’cause you could eat like 10, and like, “Oh, [bleep].
I ate too many out of nowhere.” There’s a spicy sauce that comes
with it that hits different. – Now you’re making me want
legit samosas. – I got you. Don’t worry.
– (FBE) This is called souvlaki. – (scoffs) I’ll take this
to the theater, no cap. – You see how Faith
is not even reaching for her fork? She’s like, “I’m gonna let
[bleep] Kristine try all this [bleep] and I’m gonna see what her face is.”
– I’m gonna watch her face. – Mm. It’s good.
I like it. Poland!
– Oh, okay. All right. Look at you. I’ma go with Sweden.
– (FBE) This is a popular Greek dish. – Okay.
– Yeah, Spanish rice. We got some steak action.
– Oh, this is like some Mediterranean dish.
– Yeah. – I’m saying Greece.
– I’ll go with Armenian. – This is Greek.
– Ay! – Ay, you got it.
– Let’s go. – Yeah, dude, the spices. Yeah.
– Yeah, the spices. And the presentation too,
the food that they use. It looked very Mediterranean.
– This looks like– yeah, like a falafel spot
or something. – It’s good.
– Czechoslovakia? – Czech Republic? It could be.
– (FBE) This is actually from Greece. In Greece, they’re typically
on more of a skewer, so they’re a little more portable.
– That’s really good. – Who’s taking this in the theater?
Oh my god! – Imagine the smell of it,
though, too. I don’t know if I want
a whiff of grilled beef and rice as I’m watching,
you know, an animated fish try to find its way home.
– I wanna say this is Greece. – God, maybe like Pakistan? – (FBE) Chelsea got it right.
It is Greece! – Ah! I knew it was
too close to India. – What the heck?
Oh my gosh. I didn’t know that I knew
this much about food. – That’s three correct guesses
in a row. I don’t think that
constitutes guessing anymore. – (FBE) So, this is
a little bit more traditional. This is sugared popcorn. – Sugared popcorn?
– Sugared popcorn! Wow. That actually sounds really good.
– It’s just sugared popcorn? – Where would they eat this?
– Yes. – (claps) Popcorn we can do.
– Yup. – Sugared?!
– Mmm. Okay. A little sugar on there. ‘Cause sometimes I put
sugar and cinnamon on my popcorn. – Mmm!
– This is delicious. Probably really bad for you.
– It’s legitimately just candy popcorn.
– Mm-hmm. Mm.
– Fascinating. Okay. I think I have my guess locked in.
– The UK. – Europe.
– The UK. UK is in Europe! – (FBE) Actually, Jair,
you got it right. This is the United Kingdom.
– Yes! Good job!
– What?! Ooh! – You knew. – I’m shook.
– (FBE) They offer sugar and salt and butter, so depending
on what you want… – I love that.
– I love that. I need that in my life.
– Yeah, the UK’s got it going on. – Yeah.
– Japan. – Australia. I don’t know.
– (FBE) This is the United Kingdom. – I was gonna say that first.
I was gonna say London. – Really?!
– I think Mexico? – I’m gonna say Australia. – (FBE) It is
the United Kingdom, actually. – Really?
– (FBE) Yup. They tend to have sugar, salt, and/or butter
depending on what you wanna put on your popcorn.
– I can’t fault someone for looking at two things
and being like, “What if we just poured it on
each other?” (chuckles) That’s how you make
the best foods. – I’m gonna say the UK.
– I’m gonna go with the Kingdom as well.
(ding) – Ayyy!
– Yeah. They’re basic out there, bro.
– I was about to say. It sounds like– Britain went around the world
collecting spices, and they can’t even–
– They said, “Let me use some sugar on top of this.”
– (laughs) – (FBE) This is salty licorice.
– Nope. (laughs) Not gonna do it.
– I can’t. – Black licorice is nasty.
– Uh-uh. – It’s so nasty. Mm-mm.
– (gags) – (both) Oh!
– I worked at a candy store, and we had candy
from all over the world, and salted black licorice
was one of them. – This looks like medicine.
– I’m gonna do half of one, just a little nibble.
– Yeah, I’ma bite it. – Cheers.
– Oh, it’s salty. – (gags) No! I’m not doing that.
– (laughs) I went in there for it. – I’ma go with Ireland.
– I’ll say Australia then. We’ll see what happens.
– (laughs) – (FBE) This is actually
the Netherlands. – I was close. – (both laugh) – I’m gonna guess Australia again. – This does feel like Australia.
– (FBE) You are both wrong. This is the Netherlands.
– Damn. Ohhh.
– This is a very acquired taste. – Yeah.
– And maybe depending on the food they eat over there,
it’s normal, but that was– I couldn’t even take a bite.
– It’s gotta be… – Australia.
– Yeah, it’s gotta be Australia. – This is a popular
movie theater snack in the Netherlands.
(buzzer) – What?! That’s some
salty [bleep] right there. – Their poor kidneys.
– (laughs) – It’s Sweden, right? Sweden?
– That’s a great guess. There’s this section
of European countries that do black licorice.
– Like this heavy. I have a Swedish friend that–
– I think the one that we sold when I worked there was German.
I’m gonna say Germany. – Oh.
– I was CLOSE! – They’re Dutch. The Dutch.
– I was so close. I acquired the taste
of black licorice, because I worked in a candy store,
and they made you try everything. Especially if I had a customer
that wanted to sample it, I would have to try it with them,
because I could give them one, just be like, “Here, try it.”
But a lot of times, like, “No, you try it with me.”
And I’m like, (sighs) “Okay.” – (FBE) Chelsea is the winner,
’cause she was able to guess three. – Oh my goodness. Thank you. Thank you.
– Not bad. I’m surprised how many of them
were full-on meals. That’s not really what I think of when I think of a movie snack.
– Nobody likes Raisinets up in here! M&Ms? Nothing like that?
– (FBE) All right, so you both tied. – Woo-hoo! I knew it.
– Oh, yes! – I knew we’d be
on the same team. There’s a lot of snacks that I most definitely do not bring,
will not bring, and probably should not bring to a movie theater.
– (FBE) Are there any that you would definitely be eating
in a movie theater if you could? – The Greek one for sure.
– Mm-hmm. – Rice and steak? That’s a–
– Oh, yeah. Mediterranean food is my [bleep].
– Maybe some hummus on the side with some pita? It’s over.
It’s over. – Yeah. Man, that–
– Some tahini sauce on the s– oh my goodness.
– He’s taking the words out of my mouth.
– Yeah. – Thanks for watching us
guess international movie snacks on the React Channel.
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