– I remember the scene, and I have no idea
what it’s referencing. – Iconic moments in film history!
– Yeah. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) What are your feelings
on animated Disney movies? – Woo!
– (gasps) Big fan! I love Little Mermaid,
Beauty and the Beast, the Incredibles.
– Ah, Mrs. Thick-credible. – (FBE) Like many popular movies,
Disney frequency references other films and TV shows
in their movies. Today, we are going to see
if you can guess the other famous works that Disney is referencing
in their films. – Oh wow!
– That’s so fun, I love it! – I may have worked
at Disney for 15 years. If I don’t do well,
this is gonna really reflect badly on my experience. (laughs)
– I just watch the movies. – (FBE) The rules are pretty simple. We will show you a clip
from a Disney movie. Whoever buzzes in
will have five seconds to tell us what movie
they think it is. If you don’t answer in that time,
or you get it wrong, your opponent will have
a chance to steal. Also, you only get one guess.
So guess wisely. – Got it.
– Mmm, only one guess. – Okay.
(Danny laughs) I’m gonna lose.
– I’m also just curious, like, to find out the ones we don’t know,
which is also like, oh, that was from that?
– Yes. – That’s always fun.
– Educate me. – (FBE) Are you ready for this?
– Let’s get ready to rumble! – Let’s get it started! – (Nick) Yeah, here, mmm. This is a simple misunderstanding. – (Mr. Big) You come here unannounced
on the day my daughter… – Oh, oh, come on now!
– Whoa, wait, but you think this is, it’s not another Disney film,
it’s just an Easter egg in general? – (FBE) Just another movie.
– Okay. – (Mr. Big) You come here unannounced on the day my daughter
is to be married. – (Nick) Well, actually,
we were brought here against our will. – (laughs) Zootopia, it’s so funny.
– (high-pitched) On the day of my daughter’s wedding.
(bell rings) The Godfather.
– (FBE) Yes. (bell rings)
– The Godfather. – (FBE) Dang, Anna.
– Dang! (bell rings) – Godfather.
(bell rings) – The Godfather.
(bell rings) – (FBE) Correct!
– I love that movie. It’s my favorite from the whole saga,
like all of them are good. – Mm-hmm.
– But the first one is just like, it’s just nice. – Oh my God, I’m so proud!
– Dang. – Don Corleone.
– (FBE) Well here’s the scene that it was referencing. – (Vito) Now you come to me
and you say… – I forgot he had a cat in his hand.
– I love the cat. – Classy man. – (Vito) You didn’t ask with respect,
you don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think
to call me Godfather. – Ugh, so good. – (Vito) You come into my house on
the day my daughter is to be married. – I like that Disney was like
yeah, let’s reference that scene. (laughs) It’s a good one.
So is Zootopia that’s also a good one. – I didn’t even realize
that this Easter egg was in this film until now. – And you know when a scene is iconic
when movies repeatedly use it. Like this scene has been
literally put as a reference in so many other films.
Like it’s so crazy how much of an impact
it can create. – (Rex) Slow down! Dinosaur overboard!
– Mmm. (Danny laughs)
– (Rex) Slow down! (yells) Overboard!
Slow down! (yells) (bells ring)
– Ah, you did it first. (Ashby laughs)
Damn. – Jurassic Park.
– (FBE) That was right. – Oh come on!
Jurassic Park. (bell rings) – Okay, yeah, she got that quicker. – Jurassic Park.
(bell rings) (bell rings)
(Danny laughs) – Jesus!
– I was like, I did… I was thinking Jurassic Park. – (FBE) That’s right!
– Yeah! – Oh, okay.
– Yeah! – Toy Story will forever, ever,
be such a great movie. It’s funny, has drama on it,
has friendship, romance. – It’s got it all.
– It’s got it all! ♪ (tense music) ♪ – Drive!
– Yes! – I haven’t seen this movie,
I think, since I saw it the first time
I watched it. – What? – He’s so cute.
I love dinosaurs. – I’ve never seen Jurassic Park.
– What, really? (dinosaur roars) – That feels like,
it’s a subtle reference, but it definitely is a reference.
– That’s so, I was just kinda flashing on like
old school Jurassic Park actually using animatronics
instead of CG. Old school.
– The good stuff. – Practical effects. – That’s also another iconic scene
that I feel like… – Mm-hmm. – I don’t know if it gets
referenced a lot, but it’s just like
you know it. – I saw it as a kid, that [bleep]
scared the [bleep] outta me. I was spooked as a child. – (FBE) This next one
is worth two points, ’cause it’s two clips.
– Oh! – (FBE) It will be referencing
a TV show. – Okay. – (Anna) (laughs) What?
– (Duke) Lucky you! – (Anna) Oh, I don’t think… – I don’t remember an Easter egg. – (Elsa) Sorry. – (Duke) Like an agile peacock!
– Oh. – I know it, ah God! – (Duke) Speaking of, so great
to have the gates open. – I remember the scene,
and I have no idea what it’s referencing. – ♪ I mean it’s crazy ♪
– ♪ What ♪ – ♪ We finish each other’s ♪
– ♪ Sandwiches ♪ – ♪ That’s what I was about to say ♪
– ♪ Never met someone ♪ (bell rings)
– Is it Friends? (buzzer rings)
(bell rings) – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?
(buzzer rings) – I don’t know, I don’t know.
– I have no idea. – I have absolutely no clue.
– I don’t know either. (bell rings)
– Is it the Fuller House? (bell rings)
– Is it Arrested Development? – (FBE) That’s correct!
– Oh my Gosh. – The what?
– Arrested Development, yeah. – I would’ve never guessed that! – It’s one of my favorite shows,
and that’s why I’m like, now, I’m kind of flustered
about what this is from. – Wait, what was the show about?
I need to see the scene. – Ugh, you have to watch it,
it’s so good. – (gasps) Oh my God, okay! (laughs) Cha cha cha! – (laughs) Yes, Jason Bateman! – (Michael) A little bit more like me,
it’s like we finish each other’s… – (Lindsay) Sandwiches? – Wait, I’m, hold on. (laughs) I’m blown away
that they connected that. There were so many obscure things
that happened in that show, I cannot believe that. – The first one was broad. – The first one,
they’re like the same dance wasn’t even being done.
– No. – It was like that dance,
but in three separate forms. – That peacock reference. That was so loosely based
off Arrested Development. Dang, who knew the writers
of Frozen were big Arrested Development fans.
– Inspired! – ♪ It takes more than sinew ♪
♪ Comes down to what’s in you ♪ ♪ It takes more than sinew ♪
♪ Comes down to what’s in you ♪ (bell rings)
– Lion King? (buzzer rings)
(bell rings) – Mulan?
(buzzer rings) – Oh my goodness!
(bell rings) I cannot remember the name!
– The Karate Kid. – (FBE) That’s correct.
– Yeah, I was like wait, the shadow, the yellow,
I was like no! (bell rings)
– Karate Kid. – (FBE) Yeah, Danny!
– Daniel-san. (bell rings)
– Oh! – Karate Kid?
– (FBE) Yep. – I was like, ’cause for a sec,
’cause the singing was throwing me off for a second, but I’m like,
but what they’re doing is crane stance,
which uh… – (FBE) This is Hercules,
referencing the Karate Kid. – That’s what I, mmm. – Oh, that’s right!
– That’s why I thought it was Mulan! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Maintaining your balance doing that
is actually not that hard. (Mikaela laughs) – Oh that’s like the OG Karate Kid. – That movie was good.
– Oh yeah, it was really… – A lot of like self improvement,
like you got this, you know, you gotta try and try and try. – Like that’s actually super easy,
and he is struggling. – Some of us have
unequal equilibriums. (laughs) – My dad used to have us do this
for fun, not because we’re Asian, but like when the movie…
(Danny laughs) – I wasn’t thinking that, but okay. – Wax on, wax off. He did that for like hours
and hours and hours, and all of a sudden,
karate master. – I feel like I’ve seen it
in other things too, like that Karate Kid moment. Imitation is the sincerest form
of flattery. Look what they do.
– Yeah. – Like they imitate these scenes,
because they’re so great. – Yep, iconic moments
in film history! – (FBE) So we’re moving on
to the final one. This one’s a little bit harder.
– Oh God. – Okie dokie. – (cop) Freeze!
(alarm blares) (Sheila gasps)
– I love The Incredibles. – I love the scene.
– God what a good movie. – See, it’s a great movie,
good scene. – (cop) I said freeze!
– No idea what it’s referencing. – (both) I’m thirsty.
– (cop) I said freeze! – (both) I’m just getting a drink. – Hmm.
– Wait for it. (Shiela sighs)
– (cop) Alright you’ve had your drink. – Okay!
– (Frozone) I know, I know. Freeze. – That’s a dope superpower.
– God, it’s so good. – A police scene?
That’s in a lot of movies. – Yeah, that’s what I’m
trying to think. – That’s very broad! – (FBE) I will give you a hint. It is another Sam Jackson movie.
– That’s what I’m thinking. Like, it’s funny, when I saw
this scene the first time, I had this thought of like
oh, it’s from something that he’s done.
– I have no idea. (bell rings)
Oh, okay. – You said Sam Jackson movie,
so I’m taking a shot in the dark. Pulp Fiction?
(buzzer rings) – I have no idea,
I’m not even gonna guess. (laughs) – I’m gonna say my guess.
(bell rings) Pulp Fiction?
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) That is incorrect. – Why am I, in my head,
I’m thinking Fantastic Four, but that’s definitely not it. (bell rings)
– I’m gonna say Revenge of the Sith. (buzzer rings)
(bell rings) – I don’t know.
(buzzer rings) – It’s, it’s, Shaw.
(buzzer rings) Or something like that, right?
– (FBE) Nope. This is actually from
Die Hard With A Vengeance. – That was my second! I wouldn’t have said
With A Vengeance. I would’ve said Die Hard. – Never!
– I wouldn’t have gotten the title. – Never guessed that.
– ‘Cause I can’t remember all the different Die Hard movies. – I would’ve never guessed that. It’s so interesting how Disney
takes this like serious, adult, films, and incorporates
so many of those scenes into kids films,
and we don’t even know! (phone rings) – Oh, I totally remember this!
The schools! – I would’ve never.
– Right! – Someone told me this too,
someone showed me this. I was like dang it,
I’m mad I got it wrong. – I’ve never seen this, but
everybody raves about the franchise. – It’s funny ’cause it’s
the same voice actor. – Yeah, yeah, that’s funny. – He’s probably like oh wow,
you guys referenced my scene? – (Zeus) If you have to shoot me,
then you go ahead and you shoot me,
but I have to answer the phone! – That is so good!
(laughs) Ugh, so good.
– Wait, I wanna watch more! – Die Hard and Incredibles.
And it’s the same actor! Ridiculous! – There’s nothing you can’t
reference with Sam Jackson. – That could be so many movies!
(laughs) – He does such great stuff. My favorite moment of his
is in Jurassic Park, when he’s got the cigarette
hanging out of his mouth, and he’s like
“hold on to your butts.” – (FBE) Well, this makes
Mikaela the winner! (bell rings)
– Hey! – We did good.
– Yeah. – You did it, you did it!
– Thank you. – I got scared
about pressing the button too hard. (Danny laughs)
(bell rings) (Anna laughs) – (FBE) Ashby, you won today!
– Mmm! – (FBE) You got four points.
– Good job. You did very good, man. – I didn’t realize how hard
that was gonna be. – It’s fun because
you have to try to like dig up those memories
in the back of your mind, like eh, could this be it?
I don’t know! It has to be like iconic enough
for you to be like oh, I’ve never seen it,
but I still know it. Like the Godfather. (laughs) – Yeah, yeah!
That’s a great example! – I love that there’s
these connections. – Good job, you did good.
– To movies that I never even would’ve thought. You forget that like,
the entertainment industry, it is a world where like
people move around, things go, and like, somebody
might have been from that show, or they just really love
like a scene from that movie, and they just wanna throw
a reference in there. It happens so much,
that I think we just don’t even realize
how much it happens. – Thanks for watching us
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