Hey guys, GamingTheatre here. Today I’m gonna show you how to fix GTA
Vice City No Audio Hardware Error. So first of all, I’m gonna launch this game and as you can see there is no audio And I cannot go to audio setup due to no
Hardware Audio error I’m going to start a new game and as it loads you can
see there is no audio at all So what I’m gonna do is first of all
download lame drop XPD I’ll post a link in the description I already have it downloaded. So I’m gonna launch it. Go to your GTA vice City install directory and go to the audio folder Search for .WAV. Let the search complete it will take a few seconds. Press CTRL+A to select all and
then go to the bottom and deselect Wave.adf and wav2raw.exe and
delete the rest of the files. Once that is done go back and search for
.mp3 Now Change the output directory an SSD as the encoding becomes much
faster since it can write much faster. I’ll make a new folder called GTA Vice City and press OK and Accept and Then CTRL+A to select all of these and drag and drop them to LameDropXPD. There are a total of 1,280 items so make sure that you have at least 1,208 mp3 files or otherwise this might not work. Now let’s see if it is copying so yeah as you can see we have already have 1,121 items
copied out of the 1,208 items. Let it convert. It’s gonna take a few minutes. Ok so now that that is done, Let us go and check that we have the same number of items. You can exit the program. Now go back to the Vice City directory
audio folder, and copy all the LameDropXPD files that we just encoded into the audio folder Let it copy. Okay so it’s nearly done. Yeah so now that it’s done, launch the GTA Vice City again. And now it’s detecting all the
new audio files. Okay now as you can see, We have the audio files in it. Now I can start the game And it will load with audio. If you don’t have all of these mp3 files, You can download the audio folder which I’ll link to in the description. I hope this video helped you and if it did please do Like, Share and Subscribe as this will help out a lot on my new channel. Thank You Guys.