Power off the phone and remove the SIM card tray. Cut the back cover adhesive with plastic sheet. Use plastic card when the gap is big enough. These screws are different in size. Remove the wireless charger. Disconnect the battery asap. Disconnect the old screen and connect the new screen. Test the brightness adjustment. Drag an icon all over the screen. Power off the phone and remove the new screen. Remove the protective film when installing. A small contactor. Don’t miss it. Paste the screen adhesive and install the new screen. Take away the ear speaker for motherboard easier installation. Watch out for all the flex cables. Install the ear speaker. Make sure the motherboard is install in place. These 4 screws are all the same. Connect only touch sensor flex, display flex and power button flex. Disconnect the battery after test. Make sure the microphone is installed in place. Conect all the flex cables. Be patient when install the signal cables. Make sure the motherboard is in place. Battery adhesive is needed. There is no adhesive on a new screen. Install the wireless charger. The work is finished.