hi everybody and welcome back to the
Upper Room this week I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my welcome to the
Upper Room Facebook page and I’ve been making lots of comments about the
Protestant Reformation and how Martin Luther couldn’t have been from God
because this and this and this happened and I’m getting lots of negative
feedback and which is completely understandable I mean how would anyone
expect to believe that you know when someone comes and tells them hey
everything that you know is alive it’s not true it’s not real I mean I would
totally expect this kind of push back from people because they don’t fully
grasp or understand how the heck I could say something like this everything that
you know that they’ve learned all their life is the complete opposite of what
I’m saying well that’s for for a good reason and that reason is that the devil
does not want us to have a relationship with God we are in his house the earth
belongs to the devil Jesus never denied that when he was tempted after 40 days
in the desert we’re in his house and God has been trying to plunder us out of his
house ever since time began the devil’s main objective his destroyed is to
destroy us all he wants us all dead in hell with him because he will never be
forgiven but we can still be forgiven so his main objective is to kill us all
because God loves us so much and to help me explain this is something that I
wrote from my new book defeating heresies this is from the chapter why
you should be Catholic Christs Church is not an organization or a building made
of brick and stone it is you and me it is all our brothers and sisters in
Christ the Catholic Church on the other hand is a place of worship that Christ
and the Apostles built to administer Christ’s sacraments to his
people all the members of his body the Catholic Church is the only church that
offers all the sacraments that Christ and the Apostles instituted based off
what Jesus had instructed them to carry out it is the only faith with a lineage
of priests that can be traced back directly to Jesus this is important
because Jesus passed down his power and authority to his priests to forgive sins
heal the sick and to have authority over unclean spirits here on earth Matthew
chapter 10 verse 1 and John chapter 20 verse 23 he gave his l King James
Bible by the way he gave his power to his twelve disciples his priests those
priests then built the Catholic Church and passed Christ authority down to
their priests in the sacrament of Holy Orders this gift of God’s Authority is
still passed down today all priests have been endowed with this power because the
Catholic Church is the church that Jesus himself founded we must turn them to the
church that will offer them the most grace and mercy that Jesus intended for
us to have by sending them to the correct place of worship the Catholic
Church now why would we say that there was only one universal Church because
Jesus only created one Church God the Father only gave us one Jesus as our one
door of mercy to heaven John chapter fourteen verse six King James Bible the
Messiah came to gather all the tribes of Israel that had been scattered by the
devil God wanted to bring all his people back together as one to make them strong
the first rules of engagement in war is divide and conquer and that is
exactly what the devil has been trying to do to God’s people since the dawn of
time he led Adam and Eve to believe that
eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge was was a good thing but it
wasn’t it separated Adam and Eve from God and God had to banish them from
paradise because of their sin Genesis chapter 3 verse 23 their punishment for
this was that Eve would have a great pain during childbirth and Adam would
have to work the ground that he was made from to
provide for his family Genesis chapter 3 verse 17 and on top of
all that they would have would eventually die this deliberate act of
disobedience caused the fall of mankind Genesis chapter 3 verse 17 Adam and Eve
had two children Cain and Abel God was very pleased with Abel because
Abel understood that all that they were given was from God Abel always gave God
the best of what they had as an offering to the Lord and kept the lesser for
himself and his family Cain on the other hand gave the worst that he had as
offerings to God and kept the best for himself as you could imagine this was
displeasing to God and Abel found favor in in his eyes Genesis chapter 4 verses
1 through 16 the devil then entered Cain’s heart and made him jealous of
Abel Cain’s jealousy envy and anger pushed him to murder his brother Abel
Abel’s offspring Methuselah bore a lineage to Noah Genesis chapter 5 verse
21 through 27 Cain went off away from God and the offspring of an unrepentant
murderer covered the earth Genesis chapter 4 verse 16 because sin had
covered the earth and Cain’s offspring God had to cleanse the earth of its evil
because the earth is good Genesis chapter 1 verse 31 so God chose Noah and
his offspring to save two of every animal because God was going to cleanse
the earth with water destroying all of Cain’s offspring and cleansing the earth
of the wickedness of man Genesis chapter 6 through turn chapter 6 verse 29 all
because the devil made Cain jealous dividing both brothers who who both
believed in God the devil continued to scatter God’s people throughout history
including Abraham’s descendants the Israelites the Israelites were enslaved
by the Pharaohs of Egypt for for for 400 years Genesis chapter 15 verse 13 God
then called Moses to deliver his people the Israelites from this slavery god
inflicted ten plagues on Egypt until the Pharaohs finally released the Israelites
to Moses Exodus chapter 13 verse 17 Moses was then led by God through the
desert for 40 years teaching them how he wanted them to live by teaching them
God’s law that they should abide in to be blessed Exodus chapter 24 verse 12
God freed his people from slavery he United his people and made them strong
as time went on the devil entered their hearts and they began to complain about
the desert and other forms of their living conditions that they just didn’t
agree with with all the arguing and complaining the Israelites then split
apart scattered again by the devil and his
wicked schemes then to repair the damage that the devil had done to God’s
covenant God then chose a few men and made them prophets revealing to them
God’s plan for the future and that he would come again and would become their
king Zechariah chapter 14 verse 9 each of the prophets prophesized about the
coming of the Messiah and that the Messiah himself would be called mighty
God everlasting father Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6 then when the Messiah came and
gathered all the tribes the high priest killed him God became man and we killed
him it’s a good thing that this was all a part of God’s plan Jesus was
sacrificed in atonement for our sins and came back to life in three days
revealing himself to his disciples and many others John chapter 21 verse 14 his
priests then had no choice but to make a new Christian faith and built the
Catholic Church simply because God’s own people rejected him the devil has many
different names Satan meaning the adversary or enemy the
accuser or the scattered if you have ever seen a family broken apart chances
are the devil played a role in it the devil wants to isolate us it is easier
to destroy us one by one Christians scattered are weak but
Christians United are strong Jesus and the Apostles built one holy and
apostolic Catholic Church everything that the Apostles learned from Jesus and
their Jewish faith was instituted into the Catholic Church because the Messiah
did not come to abolish the old Jewish law he came to fulfill it Matthew
chapter five verse seven making all things new
revelations chapter 21 verse 5 so Christ still has his priests that they are just
more powerful because Jesus has triumphed over Satan sin and death his
church still has an altar with a sacrifice but it is the sacrifice of his
own body we still have holy oils but now the oils
are much more powerful distinctively different empowered with the Spirit of
God many spiritual weapons are also available here at Christ’s Church
because Jesus himself promised that the gates of Hell would never prevail
against it a few chapter 16 verse 18 the whole totality of Christ’s true
teachings and all his sacraments are offered here at the Catholic Church in
fact that’s exactly what Catholic means whole the whole truth not just bits and
pieces of it all the sacraments of Christ Catholic Church are meant to give
us fortitude in the Christian battle so that we can stand together United this
was what the prophets had wrote about the Messiah that he would come to gather
all his people back into one faith Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 10 Jesus and
the disciples did gather many of the tribes of Israel into one faith as well
as offering salvation to any Gentile they wanted to honestly follow Christ
for many years Christ continue to gather humanity to
his one Holy Catholic Church by the raising up of Saints evangelist and many
of his priests and laypeople to go out into the vineyard to gather the crops
with him to make his people United and strong until the year 1570 through
1648 ad when a man named Martin Luther aided the devil in scattering God’s
church once again turning Christian against Christian causing the members of
Christ’s body to attack himself this is how we know that the Protestant
Reformation was a tactic of the devil when Jesus said to the pharisees how can
i cast out demons by the devil for if i was from the devil his kingdom would not
stand luke chapter 11 verse 18 since the Reformation many other Christian
denominations have been attacking the Catholic faith look at your hand would you grasp a knife and plunge it into your
own chest that is exactly what the Christian Reformation did to Christ’s
body it is what the devil has done to scatter God’s people once again and
because of pride doubt and disbelief we are no longer united as one if you look
at if you look at a tree and we observe its trunk we can see that its trunk is
the foundation of this tree we know that the Catholic Church is the foundation of
Christianity because Christ himself told st. Peter that Peter will be the rock
that Jesus would build his church upon and the gates of Hell will not prevail
against it Matthew chapter 16 verse 18 many jews believed in the fulfillment of
the prophecy and jesus and became followers of him others did not the
Catholic faith is the constant continuation of the fulfillment of the
Judaea prophecies nearly every denomination of Christianity uses
doctrine from the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church is where
Christianity began therefore the Catholic Church is the trunk of the tree
of Christianity if we continue to view the tree looking upwards we can see the
tree splits off from its base where it is strong and immovable too many
branches that grow from the base that can easily be broken off the more
divided Christians are from Christ’s Church that he created and and that the
gates of Hell will never prevail against the easier it is for the devil to
destroy those members of other churches that are no longer in the base of the
tree Christ promised that hell would never prevail against his church he
never promised that the gates of hell could never prevail against other
churches Christ Catholic Church is constantly under attack because the
devil won’t waste his time trying to destroy a church that is already dead
the devil is going to attack the church that is saving the most Souls the church
that has given the most strength defense and mercy from God the devil is going to
try to convince you that God’s church is evil for many he already has if the
devil cannot destroy God’s church he can at least dress it up to make something
very holy appear to be evil and to make something evil appear to be
harmless no one will run to something that scares
them or makes them angry people will run to a place that appears to be harmless
and does not frighten them just as Jesus has servants who will follow him obey
what he commands and will go to where Christ and sends them so too does the
devil have his servants who obey Him and will go to where the devil sends them as
well so if Christ Church cannot be destroyed by the devil then the devil
will have to make Christchurch appear to be evil perhaps sending his evil
followers to become priests and to do evil things to where others would think
that God’s church was evil this is simply a tactic of deception diversion
and distraction these are the three methods of attack that the devil has
used since the dawn of time sly has led souls to believe that Christ Catholic
Church the church that God built is not holy but in truth the holiness of God’s
church resides on God’s holiness and not of those who belong to it that are
living in sin the devil has been deceiving mankind in this exact same
manner since time began it is always wise to know your enemy before you seek
out your allies and your place of refuge it is cunning of you to know how your
enemy operates how your enemy moves how your enemy attacks and why when you know
all these secrets about your enemy you can then begin to try to predict their
next move but never underestimate your enemy because then you may end up being
predicted by them as well so always be unpredictable and seek out the strongest
defense against the one who is trying to destroy you
Christ Catholic Church is holy regardless of the holiness of some of
its members we know this from the scene in the Bible where Jesus flipped over
the money changers tables and made a whip of cords and chased out all those
who are conducting business in the Jewish temple and had made it into a
marketplace Matthew chapter 21 verse 12 we know that the temple priests were
allowing this type of business to be conducted within the
the walls due to their insatiable love for money
was their corruption amongst the temple priests yes was their corrupt corrupt
business taking place in the temple from all those who were conducting business
there yes yet Jesus still called the temple his father’s house and his
father’s house is a house of prayer did these men cause the Jewish temple to
appear not to be a holy place yes did their actions affect the judgments of
others about the holiness of the temple yes did the actions of these men change
the holiness of the temple itself no it did not
the temple is still God’s temple it was still God’s holy house of Prayer
therefore Jesus drove those men out of the temple thereby cleansing the temple
and returning his father’s house back into a house of prayer now I say to you
Christ Catholic Church is the church that Jesus Christ himself founded and
built through his apostles Christ Catholic Church is holy regardless of
some of its members because it’s it because it is his father’s house and
God’s house is a house of prayer it is good to cleanse the church of its
corruption for the church itself belongs to God the corruption of some of its
members has recently been brought to light in Christ Church is in the process
of being cleansed as Jesus himself cleansed his father’s temple we who love
Jesus should be helping him cleanse his church of its corruption to turn our
father’s house back into a house of prayer for those of you who are choosing
to not take part in God’s plan for youth through his church that he built is to
be out on a branch of a tree waiting to be broken off by her enemy to be
destroyed God wants you to fight for truth justice and love what God does not
want you to do is abandon him and his church to choose some other form of
worship that he himself never created wouldn’t you want to belong to a church
that is the source of nearly every the other church doctrine that exists
the Catholic Church has vowed to keep Christ’s teachings the way that he has
instructed his disciples to carry them out the traditions of the church have
been instituted by the disciples and many of God’s holy saints that he has
chosen throughout the ages to improve the church itself that administers his
sacraments therefore becoming Catholic would be the best option for you
the devil wants you to die now and forever God wants you to live forever
with him and have an internal life he has provided us with His perfect son
Jesus Christ to be saved and Jesus Christ has provided us with his Holy
Catholic Church and all its sacraments to help aid us in this battle for our
souls and the souls of our families when we become Catholic we contribute to
making Christ’s body whole again and when we evangelize for the church we
help other we help gather all of God’s people back into the faith that he
himself fulfill God still works through his children today he still calls
everyone to become Saints and to love each other as he loved us John chapter
13 verse 34 so help me gather with our God to make us one faith to destroy the
tactics of the devil to make one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church so that
the gates of Hell will never prevail against it Matthew chapter 16 verse 18
join me in making all Christians one body United in Christ and strong thanks
again for watching the Upper Room I’m Jerad I’ll see you next week