In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to
replace the timer on your GE Appliances dryer. To replace the dryer timer, first
disconnect the power by unplugging the dryer or turning off the circuit breaker. Next remove the timer knob. Simply pull the knob forward off the timer shaft. Now remove all of the screws from the back of the control panel and slide the
control panel to the right and lift forward. You now have access to the old
timer. Lift the plastic tab, and then rotate the old timer counter-clockwise
leaving the wires connected. This will give you a visual reference when
connecting the new timer. The new timer is now ready for installation. Simply rotate the new timer clockwise until it locks into place. Then transfer the wires from the old timer to the new timer matching each connection. Reattach the control panel and secure with the screws. Place the timer knob back on to the timer shaft and finally reconnect the dryer to power. For genuine replacement
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