let’s start this video off by showing what you don’t want as far as natural gas natural gas water heater vent pipe coming out thru the roof from the garage and were going to show pipe inside of the garage going up to the ceiling and we are tell you how we are going to change this and this is something you don’t want as far as a flue pipe in the garage and going up into the attic and out thru the roof and if your noticing the water lines on top of the water heater this is also going to be changed out but not is this video you looking at sleep gin this flexible
pipe is something that’s used you don’t want to to use stores sleep for natural s water heater indeed seeded
we’re going upstairs into make seats commute into the attic into it’s no longer a slicks type bullet is a single all simply here 830 see tits kind of close to the wood what we would
do is also could some of that would away inwardly to please single troops single ball to play Indies or summit the new fittings that
we’re going to use is these are called nineties forty fives you can Justin anyway the cheekiness lawyers make ninety-degree oil filter this particular plate is 3/8 to play India the name on this amir is it in is here is going to be heat-sealed the heat seal is me Duravit the heat seal will to mir bitte reason tell me this is when you go to
purchase deal to the each sleep its 40 to noted there’s two different breeds to
name-brand not match one another youth merit as you seen the other one this would use it the other 28 is also 3 it simply double will not matchup with a mere beech the name brands that would
be called door a bit so use a bit you doors to so if you try to to to the existing 2.2 have makes you itch get to you one
with the seems such CDs hope this is still all texts tools series D storm collar which will be
going of top roots sauce dist sitting still to Judea cities told you
to you can adjust to you forty score a complete 90 real to you 45 just before that see 90 the aegis issues to put the pieces
together D lunges pops into yes here small click what’s in place here we go glitzy different sizes need anywhere from conflict in all the way up to eighty here word making the offset sold didn’t play coming out the water heater will line it with the holder with silly its it’s legally Street to India rules your the small clique course what we do here is cutting yes would at least to play displayed here course using it make sure we could for to play if you look up to the whole to the rules
you CDT take does not protrude yeltsin’s this is this is what we T we will display pic installed double
wall texted out up through the rules for a
better than Lacey this combustion those deals to see going up to the rules words pollute see the difference you seawall all you the heat shield we used to make a nice holes will make the holes need TT to place in touch trial in pieces together some real close he click take that was in the video if we through the roof we’re going to with the heat seal here
in please Inslee would really team TTT listen we’re going to he’s it he’s to the the silly 45 all set pipe going straight up into the attic the piece today here now was probably
for Sleepys in this week would most likely drop eluded sweet just letting needles players Street in this steel fleshy will remove this piece of flesh eating
so that we can of course 10 extend the pipe through I’ll this particular blassie and through pipe I’ll right now we’re down in Houston the outside of Houston in
Houston had that big storm here. keep hike a lot our roofers came
through in I guess the thought they were doing the
customers a big favor and making it look %uh pretty decorative as far as from the street but a little
did they know the they were create hazard soul you
might right around accused or I’ll outside of Houston and you’ll see a lot
of these that have been put on as plumbers we have been removing them and is stone properly where your water heater can get
to the oxygen that it needs to operate or should I see proper airflow that swept programs in you can see it is really is not that
hard to run the through pipe up through to replace the old it’s
obviously did she conceded this types in sit around for a while no we didn’t change the replacing
because really don’t the flashing itself does
not need to you be replaced up but if you do that one it
does need replaces I would probably recommend a a a researcher to go up and replaced its
lesson I’ll right here we’re using 100 percent silicone caulk this is going to be sealed the stone collar so dead rainwater does come back
in and down to the water heater which is
another issue debt we run into which is not properly
sealed E again a little more 100 sits a local called and you see that
we sipped the year stone column on you the little holes
that we hear from removing screws we’re going to you settles up as will to ski beanie rainwater from company to
be a house drip down into water heater last but not least some the cast the pic now this job is complete one more test
lifts and that’s it he sits the heat-sealed to the silly you could see two pairs a before and
after and you noticed the year stain around that pipe that was from the heat actually coming from the
older connection here up because he twins X xscape in like it should it was safe in again and using this 100 silicone
caulk to he spit 2d a silly including to get creative in to hold in place found a old broomstick implant broomstick it fits just right in Houston it’ll hold
it until this silicone called dress as always thank you for watching