– [Narrator] If you’d asked me my thoughts on home appliances
before researching this, I would have told you that
they’re pretty boring. But I would have been dead wrong. From time saving features,
to smart connectivity, to life improving technology, it’s actually incredible what today’s appliances can do for you. Coming up are some of the
Most Amazing Home Appliances You’ll Want in Your Home. Links, as always, are in
the description down below. – Amazing! – [Narrator] Modular refrigerator. If you’ve ever lived in a shared house you know all too well how infuriating sharing a filthy fridge can be. Stefan Buchberger
experienced this firsthand. So he invented the Flatshare fridge. This stackable, modular refrigerator has four, equal, self
contained compartments that can be customized with add ons like whiteboards or bottle openers. They’re also easy to transport. Just take the modules apart and hook them up again in your new place. Sage Smart Grill Pro. This massive meat grilling machine is a must have for all
carnivores out there. Designed by Heston Blumenthal, also known as the man that
created chicken curry ice cream, this grill is basically a
refined sandwich press for meat and has a large cooking area and an integrated probe to check that your massive steaks
are cooked just right. It has settings for
different types of meats, from poultry to beef. And settings for each
from rare to well done. Apparently, due to it’s
smart temperature control and plate embedded heating elements it cooks twice as fast as the barbecue. And makes the clean up simple. The reviews online for this thing are overwhelmingly positive. Philips Hue light bulbs. Now let’s go to the bedroom, or the lounge, or anywhere
else in the house really. Philips’s color ambience light bulbs have more than 16 million colors on offer. And the hue’s are said to be
the most natural on the market. It’s also the smartest set up available. And your entire lighting
system can be controlled via the Hue app. You can assign each of
your bulbs to a room so you can configure and control groups of lighting easily and you can get as granular as you want when creating your own scenes. The app also allows you to program bulbs to automatically turn on at specific times or you can switch them on remotely if you have to work late. Nest Learning Thermostat. The best thing about the Nest Thermostat is that it learns your
heating and cooling habits. So after a few days of use it automatically creates itself a schedule based on the ways you programmed it in the previous days. If you prefer to go manual though, a twist of the dial allows you to change the temperature and setting. When you select a new temperature, the Nest will show you
the current temperature and will give you an estimate on how long it will take to reach your desired
level of toasty ness. You can also control all the settings that are available on the
thermostat via the app. And Nest can actually determine whether you’re home or not
via your phone’s location. It also connects with Alexa so you can change the
temperature using your voice without having to go to the thermostat or even needing to be home. Controlling the temperature
of your house with this device will save you energy and money, which means it supposedly
pays for itself in two years. Amazon Dash buttons. Dash buttons allow you to reorder the things you buy most frequently at the press of a button. The device connects to your WiFi and uses a unique serial number to link it to your Amazon Prime account. Once you press the button the Dash button sends a
signal to your Amazon app and let’s it know you
wanna place an order. You can then order new
Dash buttons via the app or the website. And they don’t even have
to be physical buttons. The technology is compatible with Alexa, the Amazon app and even
some smart refrigerators. GeniCan, more smart ordering
options now with GeniCan. This clever bin attachment scans barcodes as you put empty
packaging inside the trash and automatically adds
it to your shopping list so you don’t forget to do it. If the item hasn’t got a bar code you can use voice commands to add items. Just hold the packaging up to the device and tell it what you
want, adding to your list. – Paper towels – [Narrator] You can
also link certain items to the aforementioned Amazon
Dash via your WiFi connection and have items delivered automatically. Never have I been more
excited by a trash can. Asko Home Pub Beer Dispenser. Asko made the dream of having
a pub in your house a reality, with their home pub beer dispenser. The fridge has an in-door five liter keg with a CO2 cartridge and tap system. And there’s also a shelf, especially for a backup mini keg, so you’ll never be
short on ice cold beers. Gizmodo builds this fridge
as a fridge for real men. But I think women can probably use it too. Anova sous vide machine. Let’s get back to my
quest for the perfectly cooked steak now. Sous vide uses hot water to cook meat to an exact temperature. So it delivers the
perfect level of done ness you want every single time. What makes this particular
sous vide machine amazing is that it connects to your phone. The app has time and temperature guides. So you can program the device to cook your steak, rare, well done, or anywhere in between. There are also 100s of
recipes to choose from. And once you’ve selected
what you wanna cook the Anova will program itself accordingly so there’s no danger of
overcooking your dish. Husqvarna Automower. You’ve probably heard of the Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner
that cleans your floor so you don’t have to. But did you know there’s a
similar device for your lawn? Once it’s installed, this
automower will cut your lawn without any input from you. You can program the apps working hours and it comes with boundary wires which act as an electric fence to keep the machine from straying
onto your neighbor’s lawn. The automower will take itself
back to the charging station via a guide wire or radio
signal if it needs the charge. And when it’s done it
takes itself back out to finish the job
without any intervention. You don’t even need to empty it as the cuttings naturally
fertilize the ground as they are trimmed away. Genius, huh? LiebherrFridgeCam. The world’s first wireless fridge cam let’s you know when you’re
running low on an item, wherever you are. This smart device can be
retrofitted into any refrigerator. And once it’s set up it takes a picture every time you close the door. Advanced imaging recognizes
all the items in your fridge. And the camera learns what you buy and tracks when you buy it. So it can send a notification to the app when a product needs to be used up. The Smarter Chef feature
can even recommend recipes, depending on what’s in your fridge, further reducing waste. Drop Recipes. This is an app, rather than an appliance but it connects to your kitchen so well I had to include it. Drop is designed to help you save time and cook with confidence by giving clear instructions, video demonstrations, and pro tips. You can also control connected cookers and other appliances from the app, including their own Drop scales to achieve exact measurements,
temperatures, and times for the 1,000’s of recipes in the app. It also automatically scales recipes and substitutes ingredients if you have any missing from the list, making cooking easier than ever. Nest Hello Doorbell. Nest Hello doorbell takes video doorbells to a whole new level by
adding security features. The in built HD camera connects to the app to let you see who’s calling. And there’s a microphone on board so that you can speak to
the person at the door. You can even have Google
Assistant answer the door with one of three responses. You can set a schedule for
when the camera is active, giving you the option to
leave it on permanently for added security. And you can even have it turn on and off depending on your phone’s location. LG Instaview Thinq Fridge. This amazing appliance has Alexa built in. So you can shop for groceries, play music, check the weather, and create a shopping list simply by speaking to your fridge. The 29 inch screen can be
used to manage your calendar via voice command. And with the Thinq app you
can also check the contents of your fridge when you’re out. And track expiration dates
to reduce food waste. Ringstick Up Security System. This smart camera is designed
for indoor our outdoor use and can be controlled and
monitored through the Ring app. Motion activated notifications alert you when someone crosses the camera’s path. And you can choose up to
three customized motion zones to protect the most
important areas of your home. The in built microphone and speaker let’s you have two way conversations with whoever triggered
the motion detection too. You can create a full security system by linking it to a Ring
alarm and other cameras. And it also connects to
Alexa enabled devices so you can use voice commands to access real time video streaming. Lenovo Smart Display. Lenovo’s 10 inch Smart Display is designed to streamline your life and it does a great job at that. You can use voice commands
to make shopping lists, find recipes, set reminders, play music, and even control other devices like thermostats and home cameras that are linked with Google Assistant. Simply saying, “Good morning,” will prompt it to give you information including your meetings for the day, the weather, and traffic reports. It’s like having your
own personal assistant. Samsung WiFi Cooker. Samsung’s Flex Duo Cooker has a smart oven that can be configured to
suit what you’re cooking. It has built in WiFi so you
can control it via your phone with timers and pre-configured settings. And you can even set it to
preheat before you get home. The cooker’s standard configuration is a single oven that has plenty of space for cooking big things
like the holiday turkey. But you can also split the space to create two separate zones and avoid gross transfers
of flavors and smells. WiFi Crockpot. This crock pot with
Wemo app is the ultimate in slow cooking. Slow cookers are great for slowly stewing or roasting a meal while
you’re out of the house. But what if traffic
delays you getting home? Well, once the crockpot
is connected to your home WiFi network, you
can monitor cooking times, change the temperature, and shut the cooker off wherever you are via the app. Laundroid laundry folding robot. Yeah, you heard that right. A laundry folding robot. Take a look at it in action. You simply sling your laundered
clothes into the drawer and hey, presto! The t-shirt pops back
out perfectly folded. This Japanese made
machine uses a combination of artificial intelligence,
neural networks, and deep learning to study your clothing so it knows exactly how to
fold each individual item. It’ll set you back around 16 grand. But I think it’s worth it to be rid of this tedious chore forever. Bio Robot Refrigerator. This is one incredibly
futuristic refrigerator. Our usual fridges take up lots of room and aren’t particularly energy efficient. But this design by Russian
design student Yuri Dmitriev eliminates both of those problems. It has no doors, drawers, or motor. So 90% of the appliance is used for it’s intended purpose. And it uses a non-sticky odorless gel which morphs around items to keep them at their optum temperature. The gel returns back to it’s
original shape every time. And the refrigerator can
even be hung from the ceiling if you need to save space. What’s more futuristic than that? This design was a finalist at the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab contest. But as much as I can’t wait
to buy something like this, disappointingly it seems to
only be in the prototype phase. I’m actually very confused as
to how this would work anyway. For instance, what stops the gel from all coming out onto the floor? And wouldn’t gravity pull it down? Not only that, it can’t be super firm or else you can’t stick
stuff in and take it out. Also, what happens when the food goes bad? To be honest, it sounds like
a great place for germs. But even so, it’s food for thought about the future
possibilities of technology. 100 years ago people may
have thought you’d be mad to assume a button on the fridge could automatically order your food. Yet Dash buttons are now a thing. Not only that, NASA has
been developing polymers that repair themselves when damaged. So maybe it’s just a matter of time. Do you think this fridge is impossible? Or maybe just entirely impractical. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thanks for watching. (electronic music)