Wait a second… Elsa, is that you! [Music] I have got to tell you all about my
birthday party. You are invited to Elsa’s birthday! She’s having a birthday party
and didn’t invite me! Abracaboo and diddly doo! I need an evil
necklace for me and you… Perfect! Diablo, take this to Elsa as quick as you
can, say it’s a gift from an admirer. This bird just dropped off this package for
you and said it was from a secret admirer. Pretty crazy. How am I looking? You look great! Um, actually, you look different.. Don’t be rude sister. Oh my gosh! Where I’m I? Who am I? Do I have horns! I am – I am… Uhhhhhhh! All right you punny excuses for princesses,
line up and give me your gifts! Ha ha ha! Good one Elsa, you sound just like a villain. Yeah, is that your Maleficent impression? You sound just like her. Uhh, yes, that was my impression of that beautiful,
dark fairy. Um, Cinderella, you look like you have a nice
gift there. Yeah, here you go Elsa, happy birthday. Glass slippers! What am I supposed to do with this? There’s no arch support you can see right
through it! Whoa! Elsa, why are you being so mean? Are you joking? No Anna, this is the new me, get used to it. I guess birthdays can really change people. Moana, you seem like you have a lot to say,
time to give me your present now. Umm, here you go, it’s my favorite Island
treat. A pineapple! What am I supposed to do with that? What, cut it up for a snack myself? That’s what my servants are for. [doorbell] I’ll get it, that’s probably
Aurora, heh, hang on guys. Maleficent, what are you doing here? You’re definitely not invited to Elsa’s
birthday. Wait! Anna, it’s me Elsa! Good one Maleficent, but I can tell you right
now, Elsa is inside opening her presents and she does not have horns, okay, bye! But, but, huh! You guys that was so weird, Maleficent was
trying to come to Elsa’s birthday. What! Elsa! I thought I locked her away in that tower… I mean ha ha ha, I’m Elsa and she’s trying
to come to my birthday party, whatever you do, do not let her in. Wait, what are you guys doing? Elsa said she wanted her hair brushed. And book held and face fanned. And I finished cleaning your room, Elsa. Elsa, you’re having them do chores? Well, it is my birthday, isn’t it? And this is what people do on their birthdays. Umm, no, usually, they eat cake and do face
painting and play some games and have lots of fun. Well, I think this is fun, now keep brushing. Huh! I can’t believe my own sister didn’t recognize
me! Huh, she must be under a spell or something. Needless to say, this birthday party was no
fun for anyone. I had to think of something, and then, it
came to me, I needed a disguise! Huh! I’ve got it! [doorbell] If that’s Maleficent again, tell
her she better leave or I’ll turn her into a popsicle. I’ll go see. Hello, I’m here for the birthday
party. For Elsa’s birthday? That’s the one. Wait, but I didn’t order a clown. No, Elsa called me herself, she said her sister
looves clowns and it would be as great of a present for her as it would be for her,
yay! Wait a second!… Elsa, is that you? Yeah, it’s me. I knew it! I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize you before,
what is going on? A lot, and that’s okay, I think she put
a spell on you. She should know by now that no spell is a
match for the true love between two sisters. Well, that’s not the only spell, she also
magically made us swap places, that’s why I look like Maleficent and I dressed up like
a clown so I could try and sneak in and reverse the spell. Huh, that’s a great idea! Let’s get you in there and then we can figure
out how to swap this thing. Happy birthday, Elsa, I guess this isn’t
a surprise since you ordered a clown, but here’s your birthday clown. Clown! I didn’t order a clown. Yes, you did because you ordered it for your
sister because even though it’s your birthday, you love your sister so much and you know
that she loves clowns so much, so you ordered a clown for your sister. Wow, that clown is really emotional. My sister! Pigtails here, uh, I don’t care about her. Oh really! Because that doesn’t sound like something
Elsa would say. I am the all-powerful Ice Queen and you should
all bow to me. Okay, I really can’t do this anymore, I’m
not a clown, I’m Elsa. Maleficent! No she’s not Maleficent, she’s Elsa! Ugh, I’m Elsa, I know it’s getting really
confusing but I swear I’m Elsa. No, she’s Elsa, although, she has been kind
of a brat today. That Maleficent cast a spell on me so that
we would switch places, but-but I’m her and she’s me. Look, I’ll prove it to you guys, I will
ask Elsa a question that only she would know the answer to. Okay, what is my favorite food? Sandwiches! Oh, I guess everybody already knows that one. You guys have to know it’s me, I’m your
friend. I mean Belle, I know that there’s nothing
you love more than the smell of a new book. And-and Cinderella, I know that you’re always
losing your shoe and it’s hilarious and we all laugh about it. And Moana you’re one of the bravest people
I know. It’s me, you guys. It is you, Elsa! I feel so bad I didn’t recognize you before. That’s okay, you were under a deception
spell. Your true love for your friends must have
broken the spell. I know, but I don’t know how to swap us
back! You’ll never break that spell, get used
to the horns sweetheart. Wait a second, this all started when you got
that necklace, right? The one from Olaf? You assumed it was from Olaf, but I don’t
think it was from an admirer at all. In fact, I think it was from Maleficent! What! No! I don’t give gifts. You do when it’s really a gift for you. Take off your necklace Elsa… It’s me again, but how do we get rid of
that Elsa? She needs to take the necklace off too. Never! Really? Because it’s not a good color on you, you’re
more of a winter. You brat! I know what you’re doing and I am not ever
taking this off. I think we need a little magical help, luckily
I brought Maui’s fishhook. Seems like we always run into trouble with
these ones whenever we’re together… Chee-hoo! No! Nooo! Do I still get to keep the presents? No way, but I do have another birthday activity
for you… So, that was my birthday party, crazy, right? At least I had all my best friends by my side. You know, it makes for a good story I think
though. And as far as Maleficent, well, I knew just
the thing to teach her a lesson… Balloon animals! Ugh! This one is um, a ball, this one is a circle. Tarraa! Happy Happy birthday to possibly my favorite human of
all time. Oh, thanks Maui. Oh wait, that’s not all, look up. Wow, this is amazing Maui!
Even beter than last year’s cloud probations. You’re welcome. Hey, maybe next year one of
my tattoos will even spell out happy birthday. Maui, you’re so crazy. So what do you have
planned for your big day of turning another year older? How old are you turning by the
way? How old are you Maui? Uh, I don’t know I – I lost track after my 415th birthday.
Wow, looks like you’ve been stocking up on your vitamin C. Ha ha ha, very funny. Some
of my friends are coming over for a birthday Maui, do you want to join us? Me, a demigod
hung out ith a bunch of princesses… I don’t think so. Besides, I have better things to
do. Oh yeah, like what? Nap. Maui… What? It’s a lot of hard work you know being a demigod
and saving the world… And stealing the heart of Te Fiti… That’s in the past. Uh-huh,
sure. Anyway, do you need anything before I head out? Sure, would you mind heading up
to the bakery and picking up my birthday cake? You bet. Yay. Hey Moana. Yeah. You’re welcome.
Maui. Uh, I’ so exited to go visit Moana! Uh me too, I’ve never been to Motunui before.
Well, you’re going to love it, it’s like paradise. I can’t wait! It’s still just so weird that
my invitation got lost in the mail. Well, at least Moana texted you when she didn’t
get your RSVP. It’s true, you’re right. Well, whatever about the invite, I’m just so glad
we all get to go and have fun. Me too. Wait a minute, I thought Jasmine was joining us,
where is she? Flight 721 to Motunui now boarding at gate 39. That’s us! Okay, so
I’ve got pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, my pinata, food and let’s see….
I think that’s everything. This is gonna be the best birthday party ever! So this is the
magical island of Motunui… Hmm, that was so nice of Moana to invite me to her birthday
party. Okay, so she didn’t invite me, so what if I borrowed Belle’s invitation? Finders
Keepers. What do you know, you’re just a little parrot. Ouch! Leave me alone. Hmm, what
do we have here? Hmm, a magical dance sword! Excuse me, you wacky toucan. Fine, a magical
fishhook. Gaston could have some real fun with this. Jasmine, what are you doing here?
And with a rug… Is that your carry-on? Is that what you’re giving uh, Moana for her
birthday? No silly, this is Agrabah Airlines, where our motto is carpet diem. Oh, I love
that, so catchy. Oh, I get it, it’s like one of your magical flying carpets. Yeah, once
we take off, I’ll have us to Motunui in no time. Now that’s what I call a service! Motunui
bakery, finally… I was thinking Moana was sending me halfway across the globe for this
cake. Happy birthday me! Thank you guys so much for coming all the way to Motunui. Of
course, we couldn’t miss your birthday celebration. You guys got here much quicker than I expected.
Cause like, Maui isn’t even back with the cake yet. That’s because Jasmine gave us a lift
on her flying carpet. It was awesome. Yeah, Aladdin and I are testing out nonstop flights
from Agrabah to many international destinations. Okay, girls, enough chit chat. Are you thinking
what I’m thinking? Ladies, yes, it’s present time. Oh, a sandwich with a small bite on
it. Um, yeah, oops, sorry about that. It was supposed to be a full sandwich, but I got
a little hungry on the ride over. Oh, it’s okay Anna, with or without a bite I love it.
Okay, my gift next, since I’ve been really taking my haircare seriously lately, I got
you this. Yay, thanks, huh, it’s a brush and a shampoo conditioner set. ‘Tangled no more’.
Get it, ha ha ha. Oh, I love it, thank you so much. Yeah, they’re tangle-free, brand
new, super soft and from my brand new set. Yay. My turn next, it’s my favorite. Far off
places, Daring Sword Fights, A Prince in Disguise. It’s very rare. Uh, Belle, you read me like
a book. Thank you. You’re welcome. My gift to you. Huh, tickets! Yeah, front row tickets
to see Frozen on Ice. It’s touring Motunui in the spring. Uh, that is gonna be snow much
fun. I see what you did there, well great, I’m glad you like it. My turn, here’s your
present Momo. Hmm, uh, let’s see. Huh, what’s this? It’s a royal decree. Meaning
that even though you can have my lamp full time, the Genie will grant you one wish. Anything
you want at all. Oh, wow! That’s so incredible. Thank you so much, Jasmine. Thank you ladies so much. You guys are truly making my birthday the best day ever. Aww, anything for you,
Moana. Oh, do you guys wanna play birthday games? I do. Yay. Think Gaston, think. Who
are you calling a pea brain? Look who’s talking, feathers. Awkward, corny arms swing you say.
I put the cor and Corny, watch this quaker. Huh, I thought you said this is going to work.
Swing while saying the magical words. You know for a multicolored crow, you’re not that
bad. Here goes nothing. Cheehaa, cheehee, chee… Who? What do you mean who am I? I’m
Maui- Sorry sir, we just can’t give away our customer’s case without some form of identification.
Sir? Who are you calling, sir? I’m a demi-god, hero to men and women and I – I – I don’t
feel so good. Mommy. What? Oh, oh, so I’d love to stay and chat, but I gwana go now,
ha ha, get it, I gwana. Yay, oh my gosh. Stop. Aaah. Yes. Ah, man, this is- what a disgrace,
somebody has my hook. Oh yeah, you wanna mess with Maui, two can play this game. No, I wasn’t
shapeshift me into an actual toucan. Marco. Polo. Marco. Polo. What! Gaston has my fish
hook, not if I have anything to say about it. You’ve got to be kidding me. And
that is when I wwon my first bodybuilding competition. What a tarnation. Oh, what a cute little kitty
cat. I love little kitty cats, come here. Gaston, it’s me, Maui. I demand you give me
back my fish hook right, meao. Ha ha ha ha. And end the shapeshifting fun, you wish!
You better scram little fee line before I call the pound. Moana, truth or dare? True. Is
it true you don’t wanna be the chief of Motunui? Huh. Not true, well… sorta true. I wanna sell
my boat and explore and then when the time is right, become chief. That’s fair, don’t
wanna grow up too fast, right? Yap, exactly. All right, Who’s turn is next? Belle’s turn.
Okay Belle, truth or dare? Dare. Okay, I dare you to- Call Gaston. Call Gaston, no way. Wait,
wait, wait, who said that? Wait, yeah, who said that? Wasn’t me. Wasn’t me. Down here.
Down where? Down here, it’s me, Maui. I’ve been transformed into a bug by Gaston. He
has my magical fish hook. What! Gaston has your hook? Yeah, and he won’t get it back
and there’s no way I can get it back now. I’d never be able to carry it or he’d step
on me. Uh! You guys, we should text Gaston and invite him to the party. Then, Belle,
you can distract him. And we’ll take the fishhook back. Exactly, here Belle, you can use my
phone to text. I know, It’s gonna be great. Shh. Special delivery for one very lucky lady.
Wishing you the most special. Aww, Gaston, that’s so sweet of you to say. Oh, uh, hi Moana.
No, I was actually talking to Belle, but I, uh, I brought you a present. Hei Hei,
You’ve been with Gaston this whole time? Gaston, I’ve been wanting to talk to you. You have?
Um, yes, I wanted to tell you. I’ll tell you anything Belle, just tell me what you want
me to you. Um, have I ever told you how strong I thought your eyes are? My eyes? Um, yes.
You have the strongest eyes in the world I bet. Here that, go go. I got this. Yes, I have the strongest
of strong eyes, both of them, both left and right. Can you see that plant over there way
over there? Way, over there. Oh, which one? Um. I can’t, there’s – there’s so many plants,
I don’t know which one you’re pointing to. Yay, they got it. Nevermind, I think I must
have you confused with someone else. What! You guys have the hook? You tricked me. It’s
Maui time, cheehoo. Oh, what’s that Lefou? I gotta come home for dinner. Uh, sorry, ladies
I gotta go. My Mom’s calling me. I’m back! Thanks Princesses. You’re welcome. Hahahaha. Wait, so does this mean that Maui didn’t get your birthday cake after all? Uh, yeah, about that Uh, I didn’t quite. Wait,
I have an idea. What, we bake a cake? Well, sort of. Better yet, I’ll use my wish. That’s
perfect, a great idea. I wish for the perfect birthday cake. Well, I guess Moana will just
pick her cake up another day then. Aaaah. It’s here! It worked! I know who should get the first slice. Maui,
demi-god, shapeshifter, hero to- Oh, Maui, everybody knows that already.