this is how the nose wheel looks right now there’s a complete lid that opens and then the nose wheel goes down like that but then I want the outer part to close again and that’s what I have made now I just need to I just wanted to test it first before I build anything stupid okay imagine this cylinder here is supposed to be these cylinders right there that open and close the lid for the landing gear then there is this cylinder here that I wanted to add to the nostril landing gear so it automatically automatically closest again the front of the lid and then we have this well which is one of these loves in here yeah one of these and these two else ah these two girls right there sitting right there one on each side and then these two loves are supposed to be added over here but I think of putting it on the side of these two lift arms okay now we are in the closed position and we want to we want the wheel to go down so now we switch and give us a try so both pneumatic pumps open the lids and these switches here indicate when the wheel is down and now the wheels down and the lid closes the front lid closes then we want to go up again and then we go up the yeah it opens again and then they wheel is up and both closest