“Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
the ice bin drum on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job, let me show you how
we do it. Now to do this repair, we will need to remove
the ice bin assembly from the refrigerator. We’re simply going to open up the freezer,
take that unit out, we will empty the ice out of the bin and then we’ll let the unit
warm up enough to room temperature and then we can start to repair. Just lift up on that ice bin. Now we’ll set that on a suitable work surface
and we can change out that drum. Now, once that ice bin has warmed up a bit,
we’re then going to start by removing the front shroud on it. Locate two screws that are inside of the bin
and we’ll remove those first. Then we’ll turn the unit upside down and then
we’ll remove these two screws. We’ll just lift that front shroud and set
that aside. Next, we’ll need to release the actuator arm. We’ll start with the bracket at the back. Just remove the mounting screw. We’re also going to remove these two screws
that secure that bracket to the ice bin. Now, next we’ll remove these quarter-inch
hex head screws that secure that housing to the metal bracket. We’ll just hold the
assembly together after we remove those screws. Next we’re going to release this e-ring on
the front here. Just take a flat range screwdriver and I will
pry that away from that nylon bushing. Just set that aside. Remove that thrust washer and set that aside. Then we can pull this cover off the front. We’ll need to disengage that lever from the
crusher door and just set that aside. Now, use caution around these blades as there
are sharp edges there. We’re going to tuck that up out of the way. All we’re going to do is pull that whole assembly
away from the ice bin and we’ll disengage bearing at the back. You can then hold that assembly out through
that metal bracket then we’ll set the bin inside. Now we’ll need to remove all these crusher
blades and the individual bushings between them so that we can change up that drum. Again, use caution around those blades as
they’re very sharp. I will start with a pair of pliers and we’re
just going to loosen that nut. Just grip it gently with the pliers. Now, maybe a good idea to take note of all
the location and orientation of these little bushings as well as the individual blades,
both the rotating blades and the stationary blades before you disassemble that. With that nylon nut removed, we’ll just set
that aside. We’ll pull off the first blade and there’ll
need to be a letter or a number stamped into the side of that blade so that we can keep
those in sequence. Spacer, and these fixed blades come off together
and the last blade. Now we can pull that drum off. We’ll discard the old one. Make sure the metal drive bracket is in good
shape. Make sure it’s not rounded out and if so,
sometimes you can take that and set it on a vise and just hammered so there are tiny
that gap up, otherwise you may need to replace that as well. Now, rotate that so that that drive block
fits into the cut out. Now we’ll begin the reassembly of the blades
and bushings. Make sure that we install that first blade
in the proper manner. This one all the indicators were pointing
towards the back. Use caution installing that nylon nut to make
sure we get that on straight without cross-reading it. Again, make sure that that metal drive block
fits into the notched portion at the back of that drum. Tighten the nut securely. The fixed blade should move free on that shaft
if you have the bushings lined up properly. Now we’re ready to put that assembly back
into the ice bin. When reassembling, the first thing we’re going
to do is to put that bearing on the back of the auger. We’re going to tuck the blades out through
the metal bracket. Ensure all five of those blades are on the
outside of that bracket. Then we’ll line that bearing up with the recess
at the back of the ice bin and press that into place. Then we’ll take the folded edge of that bracket,
and we’re going to set it across top of the ice bin at the front. Now we’re ready to put that front housing
on. You’ll note that there is a notched area on
one portion there that the block or those fixed blades will fit into. Now, with that bracket lined up so it’s the
screw holes for the bottom mounting tabs are lined up with the ice bin. We’ll just put those screws in to hold it
in place. Serve it into the face of that bracket. There are a couple of pinch marks there, and
it has to fit in between those. I’m just going to rotate that drive block
up into place, slide that bracket over it. Next, we need to lift out on that ice chute
door that presses up against those blades, and we need to engage that actuator arm through
that slot. Again, make sure that those two press marks
on that shaft are on either side of that mounting bracket. Verify that the front of that shaft protrudes
to the opening in that housing. Then we’re going to line up the three mounting
holes. We’ll install those quarter-inch hex head
screws. Then we’ll tighten all three of those securely. Next, we’ll line up the actuator arm, verify
that it stayed in place, and is attached to that door. Then we’re going to hook this spring at the
back so that it loops underneath that arm. Hook at the front end of that spring. It’s going to tuck in behind that plastic
tab. The mounting bracket will slide out over top
of it until the screw hole lines up. If you have that installed correctly, that
door should be pressed up against the blades until it gets actuated, and it should spring
firmly back into place. Next, we’ll place the thrush washer and the
e-ring back onto the front. Using a pair of pliers, we’ll just press that
e-ring down to that plastic nut and that will secure that. All remains is to put the front scotch on
back in place. We’ll line up those two screws
at the bottom of the first, tighten those securely,
then we’ll put the two on the inside. Now with those tightened securely, we can
then put that ice bin back into the freezer. We’ll take that bin open the freezer door
up. We’ll want to make sure that we line up that
bearing at the back with the auger drive. Slide it into place, it should lock firmly,
close the freezer door up and your repair is complete.”