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about the Reformation and no, I’m not talking about 16th Century Europe. Ballots for the NRA Board of Directors have
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gun owners face, head on over to my website adamkraut.com. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab a
petition to amend the bylaws and, check out the videos on who can vote and how to vote. The link is in the description. When Franklin Armory posted its press release
about the Reformation, the internet set on fire with people trying to figure out how
the gun was not a short barrel rifle or shotgun. On the surface, it really did look like one,
and a number of you asked me to comment on the matter. I told you until we know all of the details,
I’d just be guessing and that’s not really our thing here. Guesses ranged from the bore of the barrel,
some people thought it was a smooth bore or something of that nature, to the trigger system
and everything in between. Remember, when we are talking about a short
barrel rifle or shotgun, there are a few important points to remember. First, the overall length. If it is less than 26 inches and the firearm
is a rifle or a shotgun or made from one of those, it is an NFA firearm. Alternatively, if the barrel length of a rifle
is less than 16 inches or the barrel length of a shotgun is less than 18 inches, it would
also be an NFA firearm. Don’t forget, it does not have to meet both
criteria, it can be one or the other, and still be an NFA firearm. At first glance, it seemed likely that the
Reformation fit into one of those categories. After all, it was being promoted with an 11.5
inch barrel, and a stock. Some floated a theory that it was a “firearm”
because it had an overall length of more than 26 inches, like some of the other things out
on the market, Black Aces Tactical comes to mind, but failed to consider the barrel length
and the fact it had an actual stock. People also guessed that the answer may lie
in the trigger itself. Remember, the definition of a rifle and shotgun
includes shooting a projectile (or ball shot in the case of a shotgun) with a single pull
of the trigger. Turns out those who were looking at the barrel
were correct. Franklin Armory has introduced the NRS barrel
technology. The NRS standing for not rifle or shotgun. It utilizes lands and grooves but rather than
being twisted, as found in traditional rifling, it’s straight down the bore. Since the definition of a rifle requires a
rifled bore and the definition of a shotgun requires a smooth bore, the straight lands
and grooves removes the firearm from either category. Franklin Armory has also stated that on August
3, 2017, the Chief of FATD confirmed that a firearm equipped with a stock and barrel
that had straight lands and grooves was neither a rifle nor a shotgun. Franklin Armory has certainly offered a unique
approach to removing a firearm from the purview of the NFA while offering a number of features
people want, mainly being short and compact. However, the question becomes, is the straight
rifling detrimental to the utility of the firearm itself. After all, the reason rifling exists is because
gunsmiths looked for ways to increase the accuracy of firearms. Time will tell if the Reformation is a passing
fad or here to stay. While it certainly is an interesting way to
remove a firearm from the purview of the NFA, the question remains, is it actually useful. And of you guys wanna see us test this thing,
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