– I’m Sean Riley. And in my line of work, I end up at a lot of different work sites. And you know what? I see more Ford trucks than any other. So when they asked me to
check out the capability and productivity features, I jumped at the chance. A truck that helps you work hard, that’s important. But a truck that can
help you work smarter, and that will get you home
early once in a while. So let’s jump right into it and check out capability. This F-150s body is
made from high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. Just as strong as steel, but much lighter. And that weight reduction has
allowed the Ford engineers to increase overall
strength and efficiency. That translates to best-in-class towing. And best-in-class payload. Let’s take a look in the cargo bed for a feature that in my humble opinion, is pure engineering genius. It’s called BoxLink. Take a look at this right here, and again over here. There are four of these, structurally reinforced mounting plates, bolted to the side of the bed. And each one is fitted with it’s own uniquely designed cleat. These cleats accept bungees, S-hooks or ratchet straps. That gives you a lot of options
for tying your stuff down. BoxLink also accepts
accessories like bed dividers. That’s a huge help in
keeping your cargo box organized and secure. And the smart capability continues with stowable loading ramps. Stored on the sides of the cargo bed via the BoxLink system. They mount quickly to the tailgate to make easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles, mowers, or just about anything on wheels that will fit in the bed. Climbing in to the cargo area is a whole lot easier with
this integrated tailgate step. It holds up to 350 pounds. And it’s there in a snap when you need it. When you’re done, it folds
away into the tailgate, for a completely flat
inner-tailgate surface. All right, we’ve all been there. Your day job turns in to a night job. With this truck you won’t
be working in the dark. Check this out. LED box lighting. It illuminates the cargo bed so you can see what you’re doing. There’s a tailgate LED to help you hook up a trailer at night. Plus LED side-mirror spotlights to light up any task at
hand after the sun is set. So you can see why F-150 has become such a valuable tool on the
work site for so many years. It really has set the
standard for 1/2 ton pick-ups. F-150 doesn’t just raise the bar, it is the bar. (sound of block hitting ground)