hello just a quick update to show you
the improvements that we’ve made to this part the fluid Junction there’s three
updates they’re all relatively small but together we think they’ll improve the
function of this component the first is the higher profile that you’ll see on
these lugs here which help to create better retention between the fluid
Junction and the quick change cartridge we thickened up the spigot in the
internal part here and increased the diameter very slightly there to create a
better connection to reduce the chance of leaking between the NumOcaine® bottle
and the bottle and we’ve also improved our manufacturing processes between the
connection piece and the front there so the three together should improve the
function of this component and the great thing about it is it’s an easily change
out of ballpark as you’ll know you can quickly change it over by I’m doing
there I’m putting a new one the new one back in and on you’ll find that when you
connect up a non-marking bottle now it’s got a nice firm connection with these
increase height pieces here providing goods lateral stability a nice tight
feel and a good solid connection between the two components