The unique part here is that when the
students graduate, they’re guaranteed to get an interview from one of our
dealership partners. We also have summer internships and paid internships that
the students can attend at our partner dealerships, which not only gives the
students a nice little summer income, but it also lets them get to know our
partners. There’s so much hands-on training. I think
it’s great for anyone who wants to learn the basics about cars and who
would like to go into the automotive field later. It’s a very hands-on program. Here, they
have to get up out of their seats, they have to be self-directed, they have pretty much
free rein of the auto shop. I would recommend this program to others
who want a hands-on experience, getting their hands dirty and
having the excitement of being in a shop. State of the automotive industry right now,
is the perfect time to be looking for a job and to be in this industry. So, if you truly
love everything automotive, this is definitely the place for you.