Hello everyone and welcome to my youtube channel In this video you can see how you can repair Ergorapido vacuum by replacing the batteries This model uses UNPROTECTED 18650 li-ion cells I will replace the bad cells with 5×18659 cells i recovered from a broken cordless drill battery DO NOT use 18650 cells recovered from laptop batteries This vacuum uses 18650 cells with high C rating like the ones in cordless drill batteries, all laptop batteries have 18650 cells with low C rating 18650 cells like all li-ion batteries can be dangerous if you create short-circuit or you damage the cells They can produce fire or even explosion I will make a more detailed video about battery types, charging and safety. I recomend you take a few pictures before you start cutting the wires and iven use labels on wires Use insulating tape on every wire and remove it only before you solder that wire Check before you solder every wire that is the right one. One mistake can destroy the vacuum cleaner or create a short-circuit. When you solder the wires try to make as little contact as you can betwen the hot tip and the cells terminals If you see any spark, stop. It means that you made a mistake, check again that it is the right wire. Verify cells polarity and check for wires that are not insulated. I also found one vacuum that had a shorted circuit board. When you finished replacing the cells put the vacuum in the charging dock an let it to fully charge The vacuum will only start when it is fully charged, even if the cells are new. If you liked the video or it helped you please press the like/dislike button and subscribe for more. You can also check my other videos Thank you for your visit