– Hey everybody, this is Brian
from WinningWithCredit.com, author of the book Winning With Credit, and I’m here to answer the question should you hire a credit repair company? So let’s get started in just a second. (calm music) Okay, so should you hire a credit repair agency? I’m gonna give you my
opinion in just a sec, but first I want to read
you something straight from Experian’s own website. In case you don’t know,
there’s Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax as the three main
credit reporting bureaus. So these are the guys that
keep your credit reports, maintain your credit reports,
and create your credit reports and this is what Experian
itself has to say about credit repair agencies. I quote, “there is nothing
any credit repair clinic can “legally do for you, including
removing inaccurate credit “information, which you can’t
do for yourself for free. “Their fees can be
substantial, ranging from “hundreds to thousands of dollars.” So, who knows better
than Experian themselves on what they’re willing to do and not do about removing items
from your credit report? And they themselves just
told you there’s nothing a credit repair agency can do for you you can’t do for yourself for free. So that being said, you might
think I’m gonna tell you never hire a credit repair agency, and honestly, I’m not gonna say that. However, I am gonna tell you hire them for the right reasons. In my book, Winning With Credit, which you can download
the first half for free at WinningWithCredit.com,
I chronicle how I took my credit from 550 up 200
points into the top tier. Now, I’m ready to tell you
that at the very beginning of my journey, I did hire
a credit repair agency, and if you’re going to hire one, I want you to hire them
for the right reasons. After a little while, a
few months in, I fired them because I saw what they were doing and I was willing to do it myself. So understand these things
and then you decide. Number one, a credit repair
agency is just going to try to remove old, bad items
from your credit report. Their job is not to put new, good items on your credit report. So let’s say they’re 100% effective at removing old, bad items. You’re not gonna suddenly
have great credit if you don’t already
have other good items. You’re gonna have no credit. It’s like playing defense
without playing offense. So even if you want to
close your eyes and say “you handle it, you do it, you do it,” you can’t get into top tier
credit just from defense. You are personally gonna
have to build the habits of good credit. You’re gonna have to have
good credit files on, so understand the limitations
of a credit repair agency. They’re just there to play defense, and take bad items off
your credit if they can, and all the strategies they have, you can learn and you can use. There’s only so much
that can be done anyway, without really going nuclear and getting legal and getting really intense, and you may want someone
to do that for you. And again, you may end up
hiring one of these companies. I just want you to do it
for the right reasons, okay? The second thing is
that, okay, number one, they’re only gonna play defense. The second thing is if you
hire a credit repair agency, you’re not necessarily gonna
build the skills you need to have great credit for life. It’s like if you went to a
personal trainer for a year and built a great body
and did the nutrition plan and now you’ve dropped
100 pounds and you’re fit and you’re running half marathons. You’re a completely different person than if you had simply
gone to a plastic surgeon and said “suck all the
fat out of my body and “put some pec implants in and
make me muscular tomorrow.” I want you to have great credit for life, and so I’m not gonna tell you not to hire a credit repair agency, I
just want you to understand what their limitations are and I want you to hire them
for the right reasons. The same way, if you’re gonna
eat out and not cook at home, I want you to eat out
because it’s convenient or it’s a luxury and you’re
willing to spend the money. I don’t want you to eat out
instead of cooking at home because you think food is hard to find and difficult to cook and
that’s really the point of what I’m doing here
with WinningWithCredit.com and all the videos and the book, it’s I don’t want you to do
be afraid of the process. If you genuinely don’t have
time to change your own oil, or mow your own lawn,
or cook your own food and you want to pay somebody,
that is fine with me, but don’t not try any of those things because you think they’re hard or scary, and so you have to pay someone to do them. You don’t have to pay someone
to do any of those things if you want to learn, and
in learning and in doing, you become a completely different person. So, should you hire a
credit repair agency? Only you can decide, but before you do, just like I say in the
beginning of my website, I don’t say “never hire
a credit repair agency, “join my journey.” I say “no, before you
pay for credit repair, “give yourself a chance
to join my journey.” And I hope you do. There’s other videos, you
see a whole video mini-course here on YouTube and over at my website, WinningWithCredit.com,
you can download the first half of my book, Winning
With Credit, for free. I am here for you and I hope I can be part of your success with credit. Thank you so much, and I’ll
see you at one of those places where you’ll find me again. Thank you and take care, bye. (calm music)