What makes studying engineering at Cambridge special, is that we teach fundamental problem solving. Cambridge students, can be given almost any problem, and can break it right down to its basics. And solve it. The course at Cambridge starts off with two foundational years. We first teach skills of mathematics, computation, experimentation, And then secondly, we teach you, all the basic skills that you need to get through to the final two years. When you’ll specialise on your dream subject. I think it’s a fantastic course. The breadth is amazing and so useful, when you get into industry, to have a bit of a feel for all the engineering areas. The opportunity, to explore, different subjects, helps the student develop an understanding, of how different topics fit together, and how to work well in teams. Personally, I was involved in the eco-racing team. That’s a lot of work, and a lot of extra hours, but at the end of it, it’s a very rewarding experience. One of the major benefits of studying at Cambridge, in the structure that we have here, is the really personal, experience you get from having supervisors, and director of studies who are just, interested in your well-being. And your academic work. Cambridge is a beautiful place to live in, with a very friendly atmosphere. And I’ve loved it, since the day I got here. the facilities in the engineering department, are absolutely superb. We’ve had brand new libraries, brand new workshops. We got hold a string of 3D printers, as well as, the classic steel and punching machines. The Dyson center is another unique facility. Where students can actually design and build prototypes, of whatever idea they have. And it’s just a wonderful opportunity. Another particular advantage of studying engineering at Cambridge, is that we sit at the heart of one of Europe’s most successful, clusters of innovative start-up companies. Students here have numerous opportunities. To engage with those innovation-based activities. You will find in fourth year that, everybody is trying to recruit you. There are so many opportunities. Personally, I’m hoping to apply for the graduate scheme for the European space agency. That’s something that always fascinated me. I’m really interested in a career in motor sport. Last year, I was fortunate enough to take a year out, and do a placement with a F1 team. And that was a really eye-opening experience. I’ve done a couple of internship with Rolls Royce, and I’ve really enjoyed it there. I think I’m very likely to go straight into an engineering company. And really get into something technical. But also be involved in very large projects that affect a lot of people. And change the world for the better, through engineering. My message to anyone thinking of applying to Cambridge would be, just go for it. We really welcome anybody who is smart, and wants to work hard. It’s a really good place to study engineering and it’s really enjoyable. Whatever happens, you will have a fantastic four years at Cambridge.