[ENGINEER IN A FOREST: SAFE SOLDERING] Hello, my name is Bart And my name is Kacper. Welcome to
“Engineer in Forest” Welcome to the next episode of Engineer in Forest Another day of adventure ahead of us! Important as not the most important thing in our laboratory is the multimeter If we are looking for a multimeter in reasonable money with good parameters a good choice will be TENMA model 72-10410 multimeter with autorange selection Sometimes in the forest it gets dark so maybe try the backlight Oh it has! It is very important thing for us It can by connected via RS-232 conection and we can read 3.75 digits from it Do you know that we don’t have to use oscyloscope to read duty cycle? It has it inside In most cases, however, we will use it to measure voltage, continuity and to test diodes I’m curious how it works Another important thing in the laboratory is a soldering station We have an interesting instrument with a nice design It is important that our soldering station has a power reserve this model is just 80W which is enough for most applications Here we have unboxed and pluged into
supply our soldering station It has adjustable digital screen where we can
adjust our temperature just like just this And also some short functions
like like here To solder something into our plate, we will also need some tin and flux and also the solder remover We have one board after resuscitation such boards are a real paradise to learn soldering We warm up our soldering irons to a temperature of about 350 Celsius degrees We have to be careful about the temperature because some elements do not like too high temperature There’s notinh better than practice,
lets try to fix some boards So first of all we have to check our fuses Here you have one fuse…
Yes, this one is good here we have another fuse… and it’s also good So for example we can check also some capacitors Here we have one, let’s try As we can see here it’s charging and for this side… Yep, it turned the direction and it’s also charging that mean that our capacitor is good As we can see here we have one diode Let’s see how it work for this side
it’s showing 0.405, OK it’s good And for opposite side it’s infinity
so our diode is good OK, if you found for example a broken capacitor in our board we have to put some flux to this place And also we have to use our solder remover wick so here we have our broken
capacitor. Another interesting equipment is the really beautiful device Who thought that we would live to see these times the cable tie tool produced by Phoenix Contact It’s ergonomic tool for tensioning and cutting cable binders in a single step and also we have the infinitely adjustable tension force is indicated by a scale in the handle area When the tension force is reached, the remainder is automatically severed for a flush finish Let’s see how it works It’s working pretty well When we have for example 100 of
those ties it gonna be hard work to do this we by hand this this device is pretty useful in our job And we…. I thought that we make an electric chair? Fiber optics nowadays surrounds us everywhere
Even here in the forest But what happens when we want to tame our beam of light? To send information with a fiber optic cable it must have a smooth front face For this purpose we can use polishing kit
by Broadcom Limited It is a much cheaper alternative to a grinder which costs a lot of money As an engineers we are making a
lot of projects, they are only exist on the desk And if you would like to close the project in a dedicated housing you can order practically every exist shape and size from the wide range of CamdenBoss production They are available at farnell.com Yes Bart, now you can use a hammer Let’s make a distraction test it’s really hard to break it I think it’s really solid and we don’t have to carry too much about our projects in this housing Enjoy your time with aroma of flux
but remember do not inhale this, it’s poison! In the forest we have a healing breeze
but when you do it in closed rooms do not inhale fumes Take this cardboard box and go! See you next time guys