This is a single use electronic temperature
indicator for monitoring temperature of temperature sensitive products such as medicine, vaccine,
bio samples, blood, food items, fruits, vegetables etcetera.
Traditionally we have been using chemical indicator strips for such purpose. However
chemical indicators include a chemical substance which is dangerous for any of the above items.
The electronic temperature indicator is the best alternative to chemical indicator strips.
The upper and lower levels of permitted temperature range can be programmed. This electronic temperature
indicator has a red and green L E D to indicate whether the temperature has crossed these
limits. If the temperature goes above or below the programmed limits, the red L E D will
start blinking. At the end of the storage or transportation you can check the L E D
before accepting the goods. Starting the indicator is simple by pressing
the power button for few seconds. We are programming three separate electronic indicators which
are programmed for upper limit of 8 Degree and lower limit of 2 Degree Centigrade. These
three units are now being kept under different storage temperature conditions. Now we will
examine one by one and demonstrate the basic indication.
This indicator was kept inside a freezer and has gone below the lower temperature of 2
Degree and hence the red L E D is blinking once approximately every 7 seconds.
The second indicator was kept at room temperature and has gone above upper temperature of 8
Degree and hence the red L E D is blinking twice approximately every 6 seconds
The third indicator was kept in a freezer and thereafter at room temperature and has
crossed both the upper and lower temperature levels. Hence the red L E D is blinking thrice
approximately every 5 seconds. The next few slides will indicate the operation
manual. This screen shows starting and delay for starting
the monitoring. The next screen shows the alerts generated. This screen shows how to
stop the device. This is only an indicator and does not record
the temperature. Hence it will not give the recorded readings during the storage or transportation
period. If you require the readings to be recorded, please click at the link below to
see our disposable single use U S B data loggers. Vacker group supplies various temperature
data loggers and recorders for any temperature range.