Effective collaboration with GCP Professional Service Organization The challenge within the RTC’s SRE was to start activities under the name of ‘SRE’, but it was divided into some eager members and those who were otherwise busy with ordinary (regular) work.We found the difficulty to adapt SRE culture. [ SRE / DevOps Culture Workshop ]
As we (RTC) evolved further, we needed to get diverse involved and
we considered thorough and sound knowledge to be essential, so I decided to hold a GCP PSO workshop in order to get the insight and guidance. We would like to change. (Comments from workshop participants)
The workshop was really Valuable. It was provided with enough time for operational discussion regardless of position and allowed us to share the things that we have and have not been able to do
as well as areas we are somewhat lacking in and areas we want to consider more thoroughly. [ The impact of the SRE / DevOps Culture Workshop ]
Thanks to the exploration (getting insight and undertaking activities) through the GCP workshop, I could find that the members are getting more proactive. For example, they shared thoughts and showing more initiatives to make ‘change’, and I get the impression that trouble shooting formation is shifting from senior members to junior members. Because we use Google Cloud’s GCP, GCS, BigQuery are main services of our data lake or data warehouse, so I felt that a catch up was needed for these technologies. Recently I had the opportunity to work with new members who joined the GCP hackathon and they leverage BigQuery very deeply and adapted to their work,
so I felt that the hackathon was really beneficial for new staff. My mission is designing ‘How leverage BQ?’ ‘ How Recruit could share BigQuery flat reservation among several subsidiaries’. [ Technical Account Manager – The value of a TAM ]
Recruit has working with GCP TAM, TAM is keep providing the solution based on the past activities and considering the long term future.
It was very helpful, and felt the value of working with GCP TAM. Actually, in terms of conveying the situation and background particular to Recruit,
I get the impression the GCP TAM is working as bridge for Recruit. TAM could share the context, background, goal instead of us, things is conveyed differs greatly depending on whether the GCP’s TAM is in there or not, and I am really glad to working with GCP TAM. [ The impact of a Technical Account Manager ]
As we’ve working with GCP TAM, they could share the latest GCP product roadmap. Therefore, we could consider the development schedule in mid-term/long term based on the GCP roadmap information (including NDA). Furthermore, it was also a great help that through the GCP TAM we were able to make Feature Requests which Recruit needs to the GCP Product Manager (PM) directly. To give an actual example, we wanted to use the Bigtable hot key’s key visualizer, and when we made a request for this through the GCP TAM we were able to use it right away, which was amazingly helpful. [ Vision of RTC’s SRE ]
When it comes to where we want to go with Recruit’s SRE going forward, it makes work a lot more fun if there is an environment where you can grow things on the basis of group imagination rather than that of one individual, and new things come about through being able to have discussions,
so I hope we can build such a lively organization. This is directly linked to the fact that everything we do supports people’s life and daily existence, and I hope that SRE staff members find worth in this aspect of our work as I do. Our mission as a company is to provide support for multiple services using technology. [ Google Professional Service – Benefits delivered by PSO ]
We mainly use GCP’s BigQuery, and while the companies in the Recruit group had previously held their data separately, we are now trying to bring all this into BigQuery and putting in place an environment that lets the relevant people in charge at each company use the data. The future strategy is shared with the PSO team and the TAM proactively slots into our organization so they can gather correct information from on the ground, and in this way if feels like the TAM is working as a member of our team.