Hi, I’m Craig from ecycler.com. I’m one of the co-founders. I wanted to tell you a little about the site. Basically, ecycler is a new way to recycle! It brings together people who have recyclables with those who want to give them away. So, right now I have a bag of cans
I want to give it away. I want to show you how I’ve used the site to do that. So, since I’m giving away cans, I’m a discarder.
I’ll log in as a “discarder” I will click “give away” and I have a bag of cans so, I’ll click “one” bag. This web site will match me to people in the area
who want to pick up recyclables it will allow me also to add the listing to our recycle exchange
so anybody in the area can see these recyclables and potentially pick them up. So, that’s it! A message went out to the person who wants to pick it up. And, now what I need to do is put this outside… Just this week someone one on our site picked up
twenty-four hundred cans in one trip! That’s worth about two hundred forty dollars. That’s it. It’s outside. The collector can come pick it up anytime they want.
And, the web site tracks how much was recycled by both me and that person. With ecycler you can be green and also help out a local recycling entrepreneur. I hope you vote for us. We really want to win the contest.
We want to be able to expand out our web site, improve it.
And, let more people what we are doing.