Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re
going to show you how to change the leveling leg on your dryer. It’s a really easy job;
all we’re going to need is either an adjustable wrench or a pair of slip joint pliers. Let
me show you how we do it. Now to change the leveling leg on your dryer,
if it’s just one of the front legs then really all we need to do is to make sure that
there’s enough flex in your vent to be able to tilt the dryer back a little bit; if it
is a rear leg we need to pull that dryer out, disconnect the vent and the procedure will
be the same. Simply tilt the dryer up, just put something
under it to hold it in place, make sure it’s stable, and then with either a pair of slip
joint pliers or an adjustable we’ll locate the leg and unthread from the base of the
machine. Once you’ve unthreaded it just remove it. Start the new one in the opening; just give
it a couple turns by hand utill the thread starts. And again while it’s supported,
simply tighten it up. When you think you’re getting close to where it should be lower
the dryer back down onto the floor and then make sure there’s no rock from side to side
or corner to corner. And if so just adjust it accordingly up or down till you take all
the movement out. And our repair is complete. Told you that was an easy job. Thanks for
watching, and good luck with your repair.