and all too often we have to tell you about crashes some fatal some minor and many of those crashes happen along Highway 14 city county and state officials met in byron tonight to discuss the future of the road and how to make it safer kate ETCs holden Krusemark was at that meeting and has this report well that’s right Tom and Vivien dozens of concerned residents from Cass and to Rochester piled into Byron City Hall to see and hear what might be done many also expressed their frustration saying nothing was done after similar meetings decades ago along with hearing from the public officials also talked about wanting to gather a vision for what could be a 5 10 or even 20 year strategic plan for the highway while none of that is set in concrete officials showed a willingness to actually get something accomplished along a stretch of the highway that has seen 182 intersection crashes in the past five years it just goes to show how important this corridor is and how meaningful it is to folks that we make some some real efforts and some real strides to improve safety you know we all know that there’s been some fatalities that have a few the intersections and nobody wants to see that happen to their family to my family and funding for any project would come from MnDOT as well as the cities and counties associated with the section or stretch of the highway being improved officials estimate any sort of interchange additions could cost up to forty million dollars it would take several years to complete a short term and cheaper fix could be the addition of acceleration lanes in key areas and if they do go of that route the earliest it could happen is the next construction season reporting live in the studio Holden Krusemark Katie DC news