– DJI Osmo Pocket Extension Rod is something that I have been waiting for since the first day that
I got my Osmo Pocket. I love this little, tiny camera. This is a really nice companion. It’s always hidden inside of my bag, or backpack, even if I go to school. So to be able to have
something like this handy all the time can make all the change. So, let’s get started. (theme music in foreign language playing) Hey everyone. This is a song from Ativaproducts. Become untangled and technology becomes easy to understand. So if this is your first time, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Maybe turn that notification on, and let’s get this video started. (theme music in foreign language playing) I truly can’t wait to open this up and let’s see what we get inside. First of all the packaging look completely identical with DJI product. If you look at this package, and there is few thoughts
that you might have. One is it Apple? Two if it’s DJI? And I think they’re
tryin’ to sell a standard when it comes to packaging. Now in order to open this there should be just
one latch, right here. That we can’t cut it off. But we shall open it up. First thing first, a regular good old silicon gel. And, extension rod itself. Put that aside. A couple of foam to protect the device. And a little user manual. You’ve gotta have that user manual in there to just explain
what you need to do, what you shouldn’t do. And right here we have
the actual extension rod. Now this is not your normal extension rod. And that’s because of these controls that you have right here. This basically works
like a DJI Osmo Mobile. I think. It’s just… It’s really easy to manipulate and it’s really nice. This is cool. So how do we turn this up? This is how you extend it. Not bad, not bad! So it doesn’t extend that much and it’s a little stiff
to kind of extend it. But this is as much as it extends. It’s not bad per se. But I find it a little
small for my liking. And right here we have the connector that gets connected to your Osmo Pocket. So just about right now it has been, I could say about 30 minutes, 40 minutes, since I started this video. My battery died so I had to restart and recharge my camera. And as I was charging my camera I got a little time to
play with this device. And there is couple of things that I found out about it. First and foremost is that
this thing is awesome. It does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. For the price, I think the extension rod, it’s really great. It can give you some good stability. It can give you some dynamic
to what you’re shooting. If can give you some flexibility. And there is no limit to what you can do. You could have it as close as this, to just get a better grip at your camera, and know what you’re recording. And you can expand it to its max and do all those great selfies whenever you’re goin’ on an adventure, or you doin’ something. But there is couple of flaws about this. The first thing was that blew my mind that you have to have an accessory for it to be able to use it. And the second thing
was the lag that I saw. DJI I wish you would’ve done something to this rod that it
wouldn’t of been like this. Otherwise it’s a great product. The quality is outstanding. It does what it’s supposed to do. You have all your commanding
function right here on your finger tip. I could easily adjust my camera, get a grip at what I’m seeing, and at what I wanna record. I think it opens a lot
of doors to creators who are tryna experiment
with new products. And they are already
lookin’ for stuff like this. And I love it. The only thing that I said was that I wish this was
integrated to the rod itself. And by integrating it to the rod itself it would minimize the latency. We see that right now. The Osmo is already connect to the rod. If there was a cable that was coming out from here, like the
drones that we had before, with the controllers,
that would dramatically minimize the latency
if there was something that could have been done. Maybe in the next version
we’ll see something like this, or it will be seamless. But as of right now this is more than what I was asking for. This is really nice. I’m still happy about it. Although a little
annoyed, because of this. And I’m happy, I’m super happy that I already had this
little part laying around. But great product overall. For $60 you get a lot of tech in this little package. So this is a really cool set up if you’re into radiography, I think this is all you need. And now just with the add
of a little microform, you could just take
everything to the next step. This is I think pretty cool. The thing is that we have to record audio separately and
then video separately. That shouldn’t be problem. But full set up, highly recommended. Check ’em out! I’m gonna link it down below right now. I think only DJI sells it. I don’t think Amazon sells it yet. But as soon as Amazon start releasing it I’m gonna link it down below. And let me know what you think of this set up, is it cool or not? And as always, I’ll see you guys on the next one.