this dress my daughter is wearing was way too small on her Ii thought to give it my twist , so that I can use this dress more because this dress is very pretty My dad gave it to her on her first Diwali So lets start with todays DIY And If you like My DIY videos Please HIT on that Like button cause it really means a lot to me And do share this video on whatspp and Facebook Firstly we are going to unreel this dress from waist And this is how its going to look like after we unreel it This is skirt part which fits her perfectly But if its tight on your daughter then u can go further and unreel it then make ruffles and stitch it according to your daughters waist size Lets work on the Bodice you can see there are three different layers net layer, yellow fabric and white fabric now i am cutting straps of the Bodice after removing the straps I am going to keep the net fabric on top of the Bodice and now I am going to pin all this so that its not moving any where and now we are going to cut the net fabric similar to the Bodice this net fabric is a little small so I am going to cut it with the edge fabric And as we are going to stitch it later it won’t be visible to measure the size is correct I am using a dress that fits her perfectly you can see the skirt part measure the same so i am going to attach a hook from back to secure the back and this is how we are going to attach the Bodice the left over fabric from the back Bodice part I am going to cut it in smaller strips The ribbon to tie the dress are going to be our straps So first I am going to keep the white fabric then we will pin straps Then stitch the straps Now pin the straps in place now keep the net fabric then the yellow fabric pin all the layers so that they are not moving not stitch it from the directions shown in the video from the one side which is open we are going to reverse the Bodice and you will see our Bodice is ready and all the edges are perfect make sure to iron it for adjusting the fabric Now lets work on skirt Firstly we are going to join all the small straps of fabric we had we are going to use these straps for covering the top portion of our skirt not use this to hem the skirt from both sides don’t worry it you don’t have enough fabric and the middle portion of the skirt is not covered not lets attach the Bodice keep the center of the Bodice at the center of your skirt then pin it and then stitch the left over straps we are going to use now we will create a loop with it at back hand stitch it or machine stitch it now stitch hook at the back of your skirt now attach the flowers back in the dress and you are done so this was our todays DIY Ana did you liked the dress if you liked this dress and this DIY then don’t forget to hit the like button i will see you guys in my next DIY till then take care bye bye