hi welcome back to Devan koi pond a bit
chilly this morning airs like seven degrees the pond temperature is actually
nine point nine this morning I’ll show you in a little bit but I was quite
pleasantly surprised but a terrible day yesterday poured down rain all day windy
as well but that was the first wet day we had this week it’s been dry other
than that a little bit of sunshine so I suspect I have gained a little bit of
heat back into the water and it’s held itself this week I’m gonna tackle a
little job today that I’ve had on the cards since I put this pond in and I’ve just
been lazy I haven’t done it well all these rains we’ve been having the
covers are a little bit flat on top of the pond so I still get water runoff
into the pond and I like to run the pond at a really high level the top spill of
the pond is the top lip of the vortex so I need to put in an overflow to save
me having at pump water out all the time or and overflow just goes into the
barrel so I can just come down here flick the switch on the sump and just
empty that rather than the having to drain water from the pond into the
barrel I want to just come down here and flip a switch turn pump on and then
empty at the moment the water in vortex that’s the vortex top is the overflow
level it just runs from that one and I’ve got like a soakaway area and bottom
the pit and the water just runs into that and then off down across my lawn
after it’s filled the soakaway up but I want to go pump it out down to the drain
so gonna tackle that in a minute more I’ve got myself here just a rainwater
butt connectors and I can now just put this in in the vortex just below the lip
at a level where I can get it in once screwed in I can then take this one
across to my blue sump tank and that by controlling height the pipe in the
middle of a cable tie to a bar or something I better control the point
what pull apart the water runs out the vortex so I want to run it in still at a
decent height so we’re gonna go over and tackle that I’ll laugh if it rains I’ll
cut the video short and they actually fit in it and now just our touch some
shots in a bit fill it afterwards if it doesn’t I’m
fast forward the entire thing so you can see me do it right let’s go over never
look at that so quick look at the pond temp before we go over oh yeah nine
point nine so I’m pleasantly surprised so this is their little job I actually
want to tackle to get a pipe in between this vortex and the blue tub and as you
see the blue tubs full at the moment I just pulled the valve and let some water
from the pond into it can pump now dry in a minute for the level of the water
in the vortex is the same as the level of the water in a pond so I just need my
overflow at that just below that level so it goes down the pipe before it
overflows the vortex if you look down into the bottom the pit I’ve got gravel underneath the four-inch pull handle there all along that side and
that’s a couple of foot deep full up with gravel and the water from
the pit just actually runs across from anything that spills into that and then
soaks down into the lawn but the blue barrel I pump out to waste so let’s
tackle this little job on the net so I might fast-forward this I might not and
here we go so there we go
that’s that little beastie in just in time just start the rain again and know
this filter will self empty itself out into the blue tub so we’ve got a little
bit to do inside we’re catching the workshop a minute a few updates on
what’s coming up in their next few weeks catch you in a second hi welcome inside
the Devlin koi workshop stroke man cave we’re in here today
I’m gonna flip you over a second and show you what’s been going on with the
river filler few seconds of video on how that’s coming along and then we’re gonna
have a look at this stuff here which is also going to plug into the pond next
year so quick look at the how the river filters coming at all so that’s me starting to build the trays
for the river filler I think I might run out of plastic not way to make it as big
as I wanted I was hoping to be able to make four trays like that join them all
together but the think I’m gonna run out of plastic I’m probably two maybe three
but we’re See how it goes I’m building them one at a time
plastic welding is getting better with every inch of it that I do so I so
that’s coming along but down here today I was lucky enough to come across some
batteries now they’re quite nice batteries I’ve got five of them five 35
amp batteries they’re brand new but they’ve been sat on a shelf for six
years in their boxes in the back of a shed unused so I’ve put them on all of
my whiz-bang battery charger and it’s a managed to slowly build them back up and
they’ve all come up to like thirteen point eight thirteen point nine volts so
I think they’re going to be fine I’ve got that made trusty inverter that I used
to use for work a lot now this one’s six thousand Watts peak two thousand Watts
two thousand eight hundred watts I think straight running but it’s definitely run
no problem up to 1200 Watts so this give me it gives me some emergency power on
the van at from the battery’s should I need to power my pond with the batteries
charging off the mains here but saying i wanted to put some solar panels on these
batteries and charge them from solar what could I get into them what could I
get out of them and sustain running on the pond from a battery bank which is
175 amps I’m no doubt I could run a pump certainly the air pumps down the pond
the UV light may be for the entire entire time constantly off of it this is
what we’re going to have a play with in the next few weeks of a dive around I
think I will look at some solar panels and order
myself up some see what I can do I’m not gonna spend too much money but
seeing as the batteries for free bigger would have been better but I didn’t pay
from so only well only the scrap value so we’re gonna give this a run a bit of
solar power so this is a couple of projects I’ll be coming up through the
winter down you’re in Devon and the Devon koi pond so if you enjoyed it so
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catch you soon okay bye for now