Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re
going to show you how to change the drain pump on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy
job; all you’ll need is a quarter inch & 5/16ths inch nut driver, a pair of slip joint pliers,
and a flat blade screwdriver. Let me show you how we do it.
Now the best way to do this repair is with the dishwasher pulled out of the cabinet;
so you will need to unattach the mounting tabs on the top of the dishwasher that fasten
to the bottom of your countertop. You’ll also need to remove the lower access panel
to gain access to your electrical connection and to your inlet water connection; you’ll
need to make sure that that is turned off. Just remove the two quarter inch hex-head
screws that hold that access panel in place; just tilt it forward and let it rotate out
of place. We now have access to the electrical inlet connection, the drain hose, the inlet
water hose, disconnect what you need to do there, and then pull the dishwasher out of
the cabinet. Now that we’ve disconnected the utilities
to the dishwasher and pulled it out of the cabinet, the easiest way to do the repair
is to lay it on its back and that gives us access to the component on the bottom.
Now to change the drain pump we need to remove the few electrical connections from the front
of the pump; pull those off and set them aside. Now the pump is heald in place with a little
mounting bracket along the side of it; we also need to disconnect the outlet drain hose,
and the inlet from the pump. So we’ll start with the outlet drain hose
and there’s going to be some water in that drain hose so you’ll need something to catch
the excess of that. Loosen that 5/16ths screw from the clamp, slide the clamp down over
the hose and work the hose off the outlet of the pump; set that aside.
Next with our slip-joint pliers we’ll depress the clamp on the dishwasher pump; slide that
clamp upwards. We’ll now slide that hose right off.
The mounting tabs are located inside this little box; so you can depress the one closest
to you with a flat blade screwdriver; push it straight back and that will allow that
one to pop out of there. Then you can twist the pump enough to rotate the other one out
of that opening. We’ll discard the old pump.
Now the new pump comes with an inlet hose and two clamps so we don’t have to transfer
any from the old pump. Just line up those two tabs with slots in the side of the pump
housing, depress those into place lining up the inlet hose at the same time. Make sure
it snaps into position. Press the hose firmly until it bottoms out, then with our slip joint
slide that clamp down into position, make sure that you leave the tabs of that clamp
where you can access them with pliers in the future.
Next we’ll rotate the drain hose back into position; make sure it seats firmly onto the
new pump. Then we’ll rotate that clamp into position.
Slide it fully onto the outlet then tighten it with our 5/16ths nut driver.
We’ll reconnect the two wires, make sure that they seat firmly into the opening.
Now we’re ready to put the dishwasher back into position, and reinstall the kickplate,
turn on the water supply, reconnect the electrical supply, and our repair will be complete.
Now the access panel has a couple of elongated holes on the top edge that will engage the
plastic pins that stick down from the bottom of the tub. So we have to carefully rotate
that up into position, engage those two tabs, and we’ll reinstall the quarter inch screws,
and our repair is complete. Told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching,
and good luck with your repair.