Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re going to show you how to change
the latch assembly on your dishwasher, and it’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a number 20 Torx
screw driver and a small flat blade screwdriver, let me show you how we do it.Now to do this
repair we will be working near some electrical circuits, so we need to disconnect power to
the dishwasher. Locate the fuse panel or breaker panel and
turn the power off at that source. Next, we’re going to open the dishwasher door
fully and we’re going to have to remove all the number 20 Torx screws that hold the inner
door panel to the outer door panel. Just support that control panel to the inner
door panel as you remove the last screw. Then we’re going to lift up on that inner
door panel and tilt it up enough that we can actually pull the latch assembly out and then
disconnect the two wire harness that are attached to the switches.Now those harnesses are on
they’re very tight, so take your flat blade screwdriver just going to pry against the
switch to pop them loose. Now that we have the old latch assembly out
in our hands, you’ll note that we will have to remove the handle and reattach it to the
new latch assembly. Now the easiest way to do that is to take
this whole assembly and just press it onto the latch that protrudes from the dishwasher
tub, which will basically lock it into position.Now to remove the old handle, there are two tabs
located here and here, that we need to push down. You can do that by just pressing on the handle,
and that will allow those to slide all the way down where they can pop through that opening. The next using our flat blade screwdriver
and go right through this little area here and we’re going to pry over on that handle
to release this other pin, you need to apply a fair bit of force to that, and then that
will pop out. Then we’ll do the exact same to the opposite
side, pull this one out.When we release the old handle set that aside. Now to remove the old latch assembly take
that flat blade screwdriver and then press in on that portion of the cam while prying
out on the latch and that will release it. Discard the old assembly, and we’re going
to take the new latch and again we’re just going to snap it right onto the catch. Now to reinstall the handle we’ll start by
inserting the two Center pins first. Just sit them into that opening
then pull upwards on the handle till it pops into place, and then we’re going to push down
and rotate those two pins into the openings. To do that we’re going to employ our flat
blade screwdriver for a little bit of leverage.Now to insert the two bottom pins, you want to
rotate that handle down as we push over on that center portion and drop one pin into
place. Then we’ll use our flat blade again and pry
over on the opposite side. Pull the handle all the way over and drop
it into the second hole. This point both of these large pins should
be into the respective holes on the bottom, and the two smaller pins fitted into the opening
on the top. You should be able to lift up on that handle
and pull the whole assembly out. Now we can reinstall it in.Now to install
the new latch assembly onto the door we’ll need to locate these two pins with those two
little sockets, and we’ll just pop into place and we’ll allow that to pivot and the screw
hole should line up on the top. Next, we’ll reconnect the harnesses, make
sure they’re fully inserted under the switch, and then we can close the inner door panel
on to the outer door panel, make sure the latch opening lines up with the opening in
the inner door panel, then we can replace the screws.Now
with the inner door panel reinstalled check the operation of that latch, we’re now ready
to reconnect the power and our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job, thanks for
watching and good luck with your repair.