The power of Industrial Engineering is
that the skills that you learn in your degree can take you into any area of the
economy that you’re interested in. So the degree is very flexible, it will take us
into any type of work that we want to do and we maintain that flexibility
throughout our career. As an industrial engineer you’ll look at the big picture
of a process or of a system, and what you do with that is that you identify
different areas that you can improve on, that you can fix, that you can optimize.
Because at the end of the day, your goal as an industrial engineer is to make
things better, faster, cheaper but also safer and smarter. It provides students
with this expertise that they can interact at different levels. It spans
across engineering and business. We have a big focus on undergraduate and
graduate research that our students are involved with, so some of the research
that our faculty do are very applied and focus on industry needs and requirements.
Our students get a taste of it, they participate and they get involved in it and through this they are prepared when they graduate to move on and apply
those research skills into practical outcomes. The type of industries, the
type of areas that you could do with with the degree, it fascinated me. It’s
very flexible, you can literally go to any type of industries you want. It
prepares them for a wide range of industry and this actually gives them a
much better leg up in terms of their preparation and entering the workforce. The faculty members of industrial & systems engineering are just amazing to
me. I knew that I wanted to do industrial & systems engineering but I didn’t know
what pathway I wanted to do, and through the mentoring and coaching that is
offered within the department I was really able to grab a tight hold of what
exactly I wanted to do. Everyone here is committed to excellence,
and every day trying to become better people, to be better teachers, to be
better researchers. Our students, to be better students, to learn, to grow. That is
at the forefront of our minds and that’s why I appreciate so much being at Texas