(intense music) (drums pounding) (blowing)
– I wonder if it still works. Guys, I found this game
on the beach! Okay, everyone get
a controller! (game beeps)
What’s happening? (Phil): I don’t know!
I don’t know! (Toby): Unplug it, unplug it!
(Jake): I did unplug it!
I unplugged it! (screaming, electricity zapping) – Toby, where’d you go? Toby?! (screaming) (screaming) (intense music) Oh, hey. I’m Jake,
and I was just playing
the video game CYSTM. A game that asks,
“Could you Survive…” (grunting)
… the devastating effects of a superhuman punch
to the chest… The neurotoxins found
in snake venom… Or eating… cake. Could you Survive… Jumanji? (intense music) (birds singing,
elephants trumpeting) (Jake): Okay… Yeah,
this makes a lot of sense. I was sucked into
the video game. But I was playing with
two friends… Ah, Phil!
(crashing) Oh, hey, Phil. – Hey. – Do you know where Toby is? – Oh, hey, guys. – Toby! Guess what?
– We’re in the video game? Just like in the movie Jumanji,
Welcome to the Jungle? (Jake): Yeah, that’s…
exactly right. Let’s find a way
to get out of here. (magical whooshing)
– Jake! Toby! Phil! Welcome to CYSTM.
Your mission starts now. – Why is she just staring at us? – I think she might be
an NPC. (eerie music) You look… really familiar.
Do I know you? (laughing)
– That’s funny. You must hike the trail
to the hill, and find the golden statue
called Oscar. – Oh, I don’t think
we’re gonna be getting
an Oscar any time soon. – Many have tried
and have failed to see that working together
is the key. Once your mission is complete,
and you’ve won the game, in your loudest voice,
say its name! (Toby): So what happens
if we don’t get out of here? Do we die? Are we gonna die? (laughing)
– Yes. – Wait, what do you mean? Alright, so we have to get
the statue, or we’re going
to die. Once we get the statue,
we win the game, and then we should get
kicked back home. Just see if we get, like,
a map–
– Whoa. What is that? (Jake): Oh, it’s strengths
and weaknesses. So, my strengths
are compassion and nutrition. My weakness… is bravery. – Can I do that? Huh. My strengths are…
mathematics and muscle power? Weakness is venom. – Strengths are zoology
and paleontology. My weakness is… cake? – You guys must be lost.
(Jake screams) (Jake): Ooh, he looks
pretty tough.
I think I got this, guys. Played a lot of fighting
video games in my day.
Just stay here. – Isn’t his weakness bravery? (knife unsheathing)
– Oh, that is a huge knife!
Don’t do this! – Ahh!
(thudding, screaming) – Do you think he’s okay?
– I think Toby just killed
Casey Neistat. (Jake): In the movie,
The Rock punches a dude
through multiple walls. But what would happen
in real life if you were hit
that hard? Well, we built a machine
to find out. Based on calculations
of The Rocks punch
in the movie, that fist needs to travel
at nearly 644 km/hr. (crew): Okay, here we go! Three, two, one! (Jake): And the result
is devastating. Instead of you being thrown
back by the punch, the punch would go
right through you. It completely shattered
the sternum, and the second, third,
and fourth ribs. The fist then punched
through the heart
and the upper parts, or superior lobes,
of both lungs. Not. Good. To make things worse,
the whiplash you’d experience, like the dummy is right now,
making the chin hit the fist, would snap your neck. The punch only stopped
because it went right
into the spine, which is pushed 13 cm
out of the body. So, if this happened to you, you’d be very much not alive. Hey, Phil. Guess what? You were right, Casey’s dead.
– Um… Should we at least
go check on him? – No, man! We gotta get out
of this game! – Hey, wait. Do you guys
hear that music? (intense drumming) – Oh, awesome! I think
we’re about to go
to a cut scene! Phil! Got any gloves
in that backpack that I could put on
to get into character? – I mean, I can check. Oh, gloves!
– Oh sweet, man. Thank you. – Hey, so what actually
is a cut scene? – A cut scene is an in-game
unplayable sequence
used to break up game-play. Generally, they use it
for things like a new scene,
or introducing new characters, or going from one level
to another– (deep voice): Level two. (drumming)
(Jake): See! New location! Should be getting
into the action
right about… now. – I don’t understand this game. I mean, I like cake,
but cake as a weakness?
That’s just crazy. – Yeah. It is crazy, Phil,
but I think we’re only about,
maybe four or five… (snakes hissing) (screaming)
I’m supple! – Woo…
– Oh. Phil. You’re a pro,
and since my weakness
is bravery, and… Toby, hey!
– Hey. Thanks, Phil. – … weakness is venom.
Really happy you got that. But your strength…
is the knowledge of animals. – Yeah, I guess you’re right.
Quick, ask me something! – How many venomous snakes
are there?
– Approximately 700. – Alright, what’s the longest
snake that can inject venom? – King Cobra, can grow
up to 18.5 feet in length. (Jake): Let me ask you
one more thing.
How does venom kill you? (magical backpack chiming) – So, venom. Venoms have evolved
to take down animals
in some really surprising ways. There are some venoms
that are neurotoxic, so it’ll stop the heart,
or stop the breathing. And then, there are
the hemotoxic venoms. These attack blood.
It’ll either cause the animal
to bleed out a lot, or, it’ll do something
really surprising. (Jake): Now, what’s not
surprising is that blood
will eventually coagulate; turn from liquid, to a kind
of gel when it is outside
of the body. What is surprising is that
this hemotoxin venom
that Phil was talking about… …coagulates the blood
inside your body.
It causes thrombosis. When a blood clot forms
inside a blood vessel, the venom mixes with blood
and interferes with Factor X; a protein in blood
involved with the normal
coagulation process. The venom activates
Factor X, causing
a coagulation cascade. This. Clotting the artery
and preventing the unclotted
blood from pumping. Potentially killing you. Snake venom is highly lethal. But there is something
that will give you a chance
to survive. Antivenin. Antivenin works by essentially
binding to the destructive parts
of venom, before it attacks your cells. Antivenin’s come from animals
like horses and sheep, that have been exposed
to snake venom. They have strong immune systems
and produce powerful antibodies
that bind easily to the venom. But, the truth is,
you’re nine times more likely
to die from a lightning strike. One more question for you,
since you are an animal expert
now. In the movie,
the main characters were after
the jaguar’s eye, which enables the power
to control animals
in Jumanji. Is that possible? – Yeah, is it really possible
for humans and animals
to be able to communicate? – Yeah, amazingly,
it is possible to communicate
with animals, besides your dog at home,
and the way we do that
is by training them. Take bees, for example. We’ve been able to train bees
to sniff for explosives and tell us where they are. (Jake): This is possible
because the honeybee’s antennae are finely tuned vapour sensors
like a dog’s nose. Scientists train the bees
using a Pavlovian Response. Touching the bee antenna
with sugar water, while dousing them with
the scent of an explosive. The suggestion of food
causes a PER, or
“Proboscis Extension Reflex”. This. The trained bees are housed
in a device that is waved
over potential explosives. A camera inside tracks them,
showing if they PER, indicating if there is
an explosive. (intense drumming) I think the game’s telling us
to keep going. Come on! (deep voice): Level three. (intense music)
(Phil): Man, I’m starving. – I want to go home, Jake! – Yeah, my feet hurt!
– We gotta be close, guys. I can feel it. (leaves rustling) Guys! Look! I mean… I think this looks
like a perfectly safe place
to relax for a little bit. (ominous music, growling) – Yeah.
– Looks like a murder shack. (suspenseful music) (Jake): Cake. Isn’t that
your weakness, Phil? – Cake? My weakness?
Nah, I don’t know
what you’re talking about. – Don’t! Could be a matter
of life or death. – Jake, this game kinda sucks,
I’m hungry! I’m not gonna die. – Wait. Is it life or death? I mean, in real life,
could you actually explode
from eating cake, like they do in the movie?
Or, really from eating anything
that’s meant to be edible. Let’s find out. (door creaking)
(Phil): Uh… – According to all scientific
data, unless that cake
is made of dynamite, you’re not actually
going to explode. But is there an ingredient
in cake that could lead
to a highly lethal event? Well, it turns out, there is.
Sodium bicarbonate. Let me show you.
Once the sodium bicarbonate
mixes with the stomach acid, it causes an immediate reaction
producing a massive amount
of carbon dioxide, which we can see here
coming out of the balloon. Also, with our stand-in trachea
left open, the gas and acid explodes out. But in real life, the production
of gas is instant. So your body doesn’t have time
to initiate the reflex
to throw up. The increasing volume
of carbon dioxide
rapidly expands, rupturing the stomach. While most stomach ruptures
are due to sodium bicarbonate, it is usually in its raw form,
effervescent antacids. The amount of sodium bicarbonate
required to bake a cake is not nearly enough to cause
this reaction. So, eating won’t really
make you explode. – Nice!
– Phil! Wait until we’re out
of the game! – Speaking of getting out
of the game, should we go and find
that Oscar thing? – Good point. (magical whooshing) – How did we get back here? – Well, it’s either a glitch,
or the game could have
a fast-travel mechanic. Let me check. (magical whooshing)
Yep. It’s a glitch. – But how do we get
out of here? (Jake’s mom):Many have tried
and have failed to see,
that you must work
together, that is the key.
(magical whooshing) – Gah! Stop doing that! – Um, guys? Guess what’s
been in my backpack
the whole time? – Oh, that’s amazing!
Well, that was the point
all along, to work together! We would never have made it
back alive if we hadn’t
used each other’s strengths! Ah, and we got an Oscar.
(triumphant music) – You’ll never get an Oscar.
(triumphant music stops) Now that your mission
is complete, and you’ve won
the game, in your loudest voice,
say its name! (all): CYSTM! (magical whooshing,
triumphant music) – Looks like I’m heading home.
And as always,
thanks for watching. (soft music) (explosion, Christmas music) (Jake):Welcome to the party,
On the next episodes of
Could You Survive The Movies?
(explosion) Whoa! The effects of jumping 10 meters
with a fire hose tied
around your waist are rather…
devastating. Ah! Oh, what is that? Oh! – What the–? (screaming)
– No!