Just because you win a race or beat a
World Championship doesn’t mean you’ve become the best version of yourself as
an athlete that you are capable of. My big goal was just to be the best
athlete I could be, not to be the best athlete in the world. I dreamed of being
the best athlete in the world but my goal of being the best athlete I could
be led me to that point. Yes I won that World Championship and it was validating
it was exciting and I could see honestly that I was still on that part of the the
curve so there was no reason to stop. In fact that was the reason to start
working harder. Anything you’re doing in life I think it’s important to
understand why you’re doing it because I think that gives you clarity. In the good
times but also the hard times. As an athlete there’s going to be hard times.
The alarm is gonna go off at five o’clock it’s raining, it’s cold and you have to go
and ride six hours. If you feel very clear why you’re doing something it makes it makes it easier to get over those hard times. Ride out the
very hard times. You know, just because I won that first world title didn’t mean
I could hang the bike up and then go and sit in a green pasture somewhere. It just
motivated me more to try and improve. I think it’s important to celebrate the
wins and maybe the defeats hurt. They do, they hurt. But I think what hurts
even more is if you haven’t performed up to your level. Sometimes you get beat and
it hurts but then you think well you know what, I did check the boxes they’re
so..! There was not one thing more I could
have done, not one more swim session, bike session or run session, not one more gym
session, not one more massage, not one more planning session around
periodization or scheduling of my season or equipment or aerodynamics or bikes. There is not one more thing that I could have done. Being able to say that
means that I feel I was successful. Whatever happens during the day, there’s
another day coming. The sun’s coming up. So, what are you going to do? What are you
going to do? Are you gonna use the day or not?